Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Yokohama quilt show wrap-up

There were a few quilts by featured artists, this one by Shizuko Kuroha. who had an exhibit of log cabin quilts.

Her exhibit was only posted in Japanese so I am not sure if she is the maker of these three quilts. The first of kasuri fabric is one of her signature techniques.

This was also part of her area exhibit, an interesting way to arrange log cabin blocks, and nice quilting.

Now a few more random pictures...

This was a lovely "Cathedral Window" quilt made by Chizuko Otsuka, I think  in the traditional class.

This is a close up.

The quilt was too big to get it all  into my camera frame.

This technique, though one I have used in the past, was very unusual in the use of multiple fabrics.

There fancy flowers are by Shigeko Inoue ... a lot of fine piecing and quilting...

Very lovely variety of flower blocks and lots of bunnies ... made by Kyoko Okumura.

I was so happy to run into a long-time quilting friend,
Chikako Ueno, who belongs to a group that picks a theme each year and displays picture quilts from members and overseas groups they have connected with.

some of the lovely colorful quilts ....

                                       and a few more ....

some of the stalls....

and more ...

Lots to see and enjoy.
I am very much hoping this return to Yokohama will continue.

Having returned from camp in the rainy woods with barely enough voice to sing my tenor line ... due to a week of shouting instructions to knife-wielding scouts and hammering leather-workers,

I have yet to get back to my quilt border.

First on the agenda will be adding a hanging sleeve to this big quilt that has been invited to attend a show held by my friend Kurashi-sensei.

"Double-crossed" was my second try at a Lucy Boston quilt. After making this one, I saw her original for a second time since it caught my attention at a British fair many years ago. I noticed then, that the draft I had made used much smaller pieces than the original. Maybe I will have to re-visit this again some day with larger blocks. The use of fussy-cuts to create designs can be very addictive.


  1. More BEAUTIFUL quilts!! Thanks for sharing - ;))

  2. so many quilts, and such talent. Thanks for sharing, hope your throat recovers. and the sleeve gets done in time.It will.

  3. Beautiful quilts, take care, look after your throat.

  4. Thank you for sharing these photos - such great classic Japanese quilts. Ohhhhh it does not surprise me that you have made a Lucy Boston quilt. I have the book and I guess it’s on my long bucket list. Can’t wait to see more photos of yours!

  5. I don't remember seeing your Double Crossed quilt before. I like it. Thanks for the quilt show pictures.

  6. So nice handwork.
    Eva from Czech Rep.

  7. Beautiful quilts and workmanship, love the second one. Your Double Cross is beautiful, love the fabrics and design.


  8. Japanese Quilts are always so breathtaking in colour, design and stitching. The Cathedral Window is spectacular, but then they all are in their own unique way. Your quilt, Julie, is astonishing. I love the border. Hope your voice recovers very soon.