Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Black and white (and in between)

Grandson #3 is next in line for a "Big Boy" quilt. His choice of color is black and white.

I looked over a number of ideas, but most of them required large amounts of just a few fabrics, What I prefer to do is something scrappy. Some of my prints ... maybe the largest amount  ... are in the medium range, so could be used as either dark or light depending on what it is partnered with.

I made a template yesterday and have managed to piece these on several train rides into town. The finished block measures six inches square.

I plan to mark and cut one set of each of my fabrics so I will have take-along work. I sent an image off to Colorado, and will be waiting for feedback. I asked Kai if I might add a color, and he said indigo. Hmmm. Not too many shades of indigo ... maybe in the border? This may end up a design-wall challenge but so far, so good.


  1. Oh, so unusual to see a black and white quilt of your making! When I think Julie Design, I think colour and scrappy. This might be boring for your to do, but I am sure Kai will love it and it will be the kind of quilt he would want to take to collage and all his future homes. It will be a BIG-boy quilt!

  2. I can see some indigo there, and this will be a quilt that lasts a lifetime.Love the design you have chosen and those fabrics are great.

  3. Beautiful!! You have quite a lovely variety of black and white prints in that photo. I can see using some indigo instead of black in some blocks. Piecing from a template - one of the advantages of sewing by hand. I would not be able to make that block by machine without appliqueing the center oval - and the corner squares - LOL - ;))

  4. I think indigo would be nice to give it a bit of color, but all black is something that is timeless.


  5. I think it looks great. Like the idea of the indigo binding and/or border.

  6. I love that pattern - what a wonderful gift it will be.