Wednesday, July 11, 2018


The sounds of crashing and smashing have filled the air for the last few weeks

My house is situated between two streets, a narrow path on the west that only a small car can squeeze through, and another street a bit wider on the east.

A few weeks ago, the neighbors across the street to the west, paid a visit to apologise for any inconvenience caused as they tear down their old house and build a new one.

The construction workers also appeared at my door to present a small gift towel and give notice of the demolition and construction schedule.

I have no idea how many neighbors were contacted, but  this is a family that has been part of the neighborhood for as long as my family and values the community.

 The inlaws of the rice store lady, her house behind the trees on the left, started cutting down their big trees and garden and garage at the end of the blooming season.

The crashing and banging has been going on until the middle of last week. (my house is behind with a bluegreen roof.)

I have not seen coming and going there for years, so they may have been living elsewhere.

The rice store lady said the house was just too old. Well, her house is also old but in good shape.

This is another view.

The pile of debris is where the garage stood. The house was where the truck is parked, and it looks like the new house will go up there.

The house straight back is another member of the family and faces the narrow street that runs past my front door on the west.
The houses on the right all belong to members of another long-term resident. Hopefully the garden will be replanted, but I have no idea of their plans.

Then, around the corner to the west, another bit of construction is going up.

This morning I asked the builders what they were making and they said an apartment house.

Along the street where the rice-store relatives are building, to the east it is "Nerima 3-chome" where I live.

On the west side of the street is "Koyama-cho" and a very high end neighborhood. When a house is taken down in that area, it is to put up a more fancy house. Those living in Koyama-cho abide by the zoning rules ... even though they may have money to pay off protesters.

The street passing this construction site only has two or three private homes left. Lately, every time a plot comes up for sale, like the house and garden across from my gate where my friend used to live, either an apartment or a group of smaller houses with less than two feet between them are built.

And, here is the weed lot I have been tending for the last five or so years.
Mori-san, the guy who always complained loudly if he detected me weeding, lived behind that door on the right.

Yesterday when I went to pull weeds, I saw that big pile of trash beside the door. Not so strange because that is often where he disposes of his junk, but, if it is to be picked up by the trash people, it needs a sticker on it, stating that you have paid to have it removed.

Then I learned this house is to be torn down. I guess the trash is part of the house-removal debris. Mori-san seems to have moved to an apartment down the street, as I saw him walking there.

I have no idea what will be going up on this site. I think the weed lot is "set-back" and may not be part of the construction area. This photo also shows the other construction that has been going on for over a week ... the replacement of old gas lines. The white blobs on the payment are where the cutting and digging and re-surfacing is yet to be done. More noise to put up with.

Along the street to the station there are six new houses going up. Since they are on the west side of the street, they will be nice fancy houses rather than the 25-storey apartment that is being built across the street from them in Nerima-3-chome.

And, speaking of houses,

That is the subject for the partnership quilts.

Today, looking through blogs, I was reminded by Tanya, who has finished hers, that time is getting short.

I had not even realized how little time is left.

I don't think Cardinals ever use bird houses, but I think at least one might sit on that perch and check it out.

I  will attach the perch later when I see how much space the Cardinal needs. Now, off to dig through my red fabrics.


  1. With so many houses being built in your area, of course you have to construct your Partnership Quilt house, and a bird's house will be perfect for a curious Cardinal to go visiting a neighbour!

  2. It is good that your neighborhood is thriving and people are willing to invest in the area by building new residences. I don't think I would like a 25 story apartment building in my neighborhood though. That was really nice of them to let you know what was going on and giving you a schedule. My neighbors aren't nearly as polite. We still have fireworks going off in the middle of the night to celebrate the 4th of July holiday.

  3. The Red Cardinal will be perfect on the perch, love the wood grain fabric. What polite neighbours and workers, I hope the new homes and apartments all fit into the community well.

  4. its a lot of noise and disruption .. but hopefully it will be worth it wjen all the building is over and done with x

  5. That's a lot of construction! Along with the noise and mess! I like your construction of another sort - love your bird house - especially the wood-grain fabric - it's perfect - ;))

  6. It is hard when neighborhoods change like that but nice that they let you know and even a gift for the inconvenience, would never see that here. That is going to be a wonderful quilt and I love seeing the cardinals in our area.


  7. They joke around here that there are 2 seasons, winter and construction. Sounds like you are in construction season. Hopefully it will be quiet by winter time. I like your house. Looking forward to seeing the Cardinal. We've had lots of Cardinals this year (usually one one pair a year around here).