Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Ready for occupancy

Well, the Cardinal is now on the perch, checking out the view.
After pulling out multiple red fabrics and wood prints, it is time to see if I can get it all back in the box. I still have to add my name in the corner. I wonder what will show up on that dark leaf print.
Anyway, I think it is ready to send off. Thanks to Tanya for reminding me, it will make the deadline.

The light wood print I used on the roof edge seems a bit too wavy, making it look a bit strange. Maybe I should have swapped it with the perch. This time I sewed a small glass bead in place of the eye. I like the result better than the embroidered ones of the past.

Then, again, as one small block among 142 others, it may not even be noticed ... except by my friends. At least it will be one-of-a-kind among what I expect to be numerous schoolhouse blocks.

We had a bit of rain during the night, and I lay on my futon listening to the neighbors running from room to room shutting their windows. Finally I got up and looked at the greenhouse glass, seeing the rain was coming from the west. Well, no opened windows on the west side of this house, so I snuggled back under my quilt. Nikko is happily back to her lively self and I went to the barber shop to remove a bit of insulation from my head. The house must be big and strong, because the crashing is still going on. I was hoping to get a bit of carving wood, as I did once before, when we lived in Suginami. At that time, I carved a dove-shaped bowl to give to the owners so they could keep a small piece of their old house. I think the wreckers took me for a crazy old lady. Well, maybe I am.


  1. Your block will be the star of the show! It's just the perfect choice of fabric throughout.

  2. We have lots of cardinals around my house and I thought your block a perfect picture of one. Love the greenery in the background as well.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I sure do miss the email notifications when a comment is left. Teresa

  3. Great block. What a sweet idea, to save something for the owners, made by you. I love your description of a hair cut, funny!

  4. Love your block - the fabric choices are perfect - as always! What a lovely idea to make something for the owners from the wood from their old house! And your "insulation removal" remark made me chuckle. I'm glad Nikko is back to her lively self - ;))

  5. Your bird and birdhouse is brilliant, I love the red against the wood fabric.

  6. I love the wood you used on the birdhouse, gives it that hand made look when one uses scraps to build them. The cardinal looks beautiful on his perch. Making something from a piece of the old house is a wonderful gift idea and very thoughtful.