Monday, February 11, 2019

Tokyo Dome Quilt Festival ...3

With this post, I run out of names in English, so any more pictures will take time for getting help.

Over many years I have developed a friendship with Ueno-san through shows at Yokohama as well as Tokyo Dome. For years she was part of a group of international quilters that made a show on certain themes in small wall quilts. She teaches quilted handbags and enters bags or framed quilts or, this year, this large quilt names "Garden Birds".  I was interested to see that the bird print she has used is the same one I am using to applique birds in the tree of my new granddaughter's quilt. I am working by hand but in awe of how beautiful a job she could do by machine.

Here is a close-up.

And another one.

It seems she found this print fabric in a larger size.

The background is perfect to show them off.

This year she also entered the framed category with this colorful giraffe.
I have not translated the names in this category, but included the title cards with the names in Japanese and the description.

The needlework embellishments on this are outstanding. The quilter is "Tanaka"

This quilter put a lot of detail into this Christmas scene.

This colorful bird was made in Mola style by a quilter named Yamamoto.

This piece of work called "Memory" seems to be looking back at school days.

Many of the lovely large quilts with so much detail seem to spend more time folded up waiting for a show. I think these framed quilts make more sense, as they could be hung in someone's house. I am impressed as to how much detail quilters manage to get into such a compact space.

Prize-winners were given credit for their work.
This one made by Kazuko Fujimura won the prize for Original Design.

The second prize overall went to this quilt made by Kyoko Takeda

"Golden Tokyo Tower 2020" by Ritsuko Kuramitsu won third prize in the "traditional" category. 
I wonder what makes this a "traditional" quit.

This is the second prize winner fir the "traditional" quilts.
Made by Noriko Kido

And the first prize for traditional goes to Teruko Uchiya
Titled, "Hamorebi"

"Life IV" by Noriko Misawa took the prize for "Machine Making"

This quilt made by Mayumi Mochizuki won a second prize. I'm not certain the category or if it is overall. 

And the grand winner was this quilt made by Hitomi Mishima.

Honestly, I don't know how the winners were selected. There were so many fine  quilts, and compaed with when the Dome show had its beginnings, creative and original designs with fine quilting and embellishments.  
In addition to these selected for prizes, each category also displayed the top three picks.

A baseball stadium is not a small place and the center display area is surrounded by assorted rows of shops or stalls selling all kinds of quilt-related items. There is a lot of walking to do and a lot of waiting for people to get out of the way so a picture can be taken. In the early days, pictures were not allowed and there was a large book on sale if you wanted pictures, so the times have changed in more ways than one. One thing that never changes is that the end, one has to walk up a long flight of steps to the very top of the stadium to exit, and after hours of walking, that might just be the biggest challenge of all.
I hope I will get some translation so I can show a few more of my favorites.


  1. There are some interesting and lovely quilts you've shown. I guess the tradition one is in that category since it has some traditional blocks in it (even though they are not set traditionally).

  2. Such an array of amazing quilts. Each and every one has beautiful and amazing details. Love the traditional one that gained first prize and love all that gorgeous embroidery on the quilt that Tanaka fashioned. Though in saying that I think each and every one is a work of art in its own way.

  3. Oh, my!! Such awesome quilts!! The detail is amazing - and the workmanship is outstanding!! Thanks for sharing, Julie - it is always such a treat to see your photos of the Tokyo Dome Quilt Show - ;))

  4. I am in awe of the beautiful work at the show, really makes me want to work more on my quilting and reminds me, why I started quilting.


  5. I love looking at other's blog reports from the show, I always find quilts that I missed. I never noticed Gold Tokyo Tower 2020 or Kazuko Fujimura's quilt. It is a pity I missed those Cathedral Windows!
    However, of course I saw Ms Ueno's quilts - and she found ME! She came up to me in the crowd and asked: Aren't you Julie's friend?! I was amazed that she would remember me.

  6. I really don't get the grand winner from just watching via internet which I saw a lot. I am sure there are huge amount of detail but I can't see it. Love to see them in person!!

  7. Fabulous quilts! I'm always amazed at the beautiful needlework done in each one. I can't imagine the amount of hours that go into each one.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Stunning quilts! Thank you so much for showing them.


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