Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Tokyo Dome Quilts 2020 part 2

There were so many quilts at the show that I wished to take pictures of, but ....

after standing and waiting for viewers to move on, and waiting ... and waiting ... as some moved on, others moved into their place...

This looked like something I would have liked a good look at but this is the closest I could get.
It looks like a mola with the 12 animals of the zodiac.

There were several quilts I put on my "later" list, hoping to get a better view.

This is one that gathered crowds of viewers, and when I got close enough to see it I think I know why.

Kakurembo is a game of hide and seek played by children.

I think this was more of an "I-Spy" quilt and the viewers were playing along. I returned a number of times and finally could get a picture to share.

Each section block has a number of the same items.

The thing to find was the one that was "different".

Not hard to find the onigiri with the plum in the center or the flower leaning the other way,
But ... how about those doughnuts?

Looks like someone took a bite out of that apple....

and one of those leaves looks more like a mushroom...

I guess you might see why the viewers were gathered so closely for so much of the day. The use of "Japanese Taupe" worked well in this quilt ...

And ...

Look at the charming detail in the borders...

Lots of embroidery and embellishments....

Judging from the fact that the quilter's name was on the post, this was probably made by one of the "well known" quilters.

I have begun enquiring of ways to find those in charge of the show in order to convince them that a proclaimed "international" show needs to have the names of the quilters in roman lettering. It wouldn't be that hard to add one more blank to the application and every person ... even my pre-school artists ... know how to write their names that way.

Wouldn't it be nice if I could show all my pictures while giving those marvelous artists credit for what must have taken years to do?


  1. Beautiful, in capitals and oohs and aahs!!!!! Stunning, in every one of those blocks.

  2. I saw this quilt in Tanya's blog and it is stunning. Thanks for these pictures. I like dreaming about making this quilt.

  3. YES Julie please keep up with your campaign asking for roman lettering. My solution has been to include a photo of the Japanese card... but I know that's an imperfect solution since virtually no one who reads my blog can read Japanese. It is so frustrating because at quilt shows, it is so instructive to read the quilters' statements!!

  4. I agree with everyone else above - "International" implies more than one country - and more than one language. It's like - "What part of "inter-national" don't you get?" - LOL. The Kakurembo quilt is amazing - the detail - and the border - simply amazing - thanks for sharing - ;))

  5. Hi Julie, That's a really lovely quilt. The maker sensei is Megumi Mizuno.

    Some American ladies were shearing photos along with google translate result which didn't work at all some case. Hope they listen and start doing something about it soon.

  6. Oh Wow! So much detail and beautiful! I can imagine a child spending hours playing with this quilt.