Saturday, March 28, 2020

When life gives you scraps...

The flimsy got its last border two weeks ago and I could take a picture in the park on Sunday. At first I thought maybe that dark paisley border was a bit heavy and maybe needed to be trimmed a bit narrower, but I had selected five inches because it will be good for the celtic heart stencil I made for the last baby quilt.

I wanted to back the quilt with a non-directional busy floral print but I just didn't have enough of anything and the idea of hand-piecing something with all that measuring and then having a bunch of seams on the back side was discouraging. Instead I found a large length of plain white fabric and after cutting it one seam was enough.

I had planned to take the quilt to church for basting but could clear enough space on the floor of the empty apartment, and though I had to crawl around on top, it worked perfectly for pin-basting. Not having enough of the #60 or #80 weight thinsulate, I put on two layers of #40. The white backing is a bit hard to quilt through so my stitches are only five or six to the inch.

I am quilting this all in the ditch and then I will decide about the large spaces. I quilted others with big-stitch but with this backing, I'm not sure how the reverse side will look.

I had planned to give this to the women's society to sell or raffle at their flea market, but that has been called off. Now I am not sure where it will go but I plan to pass it on to the church as my tithe to raise money for the homeless mission or the library renovation.

Church now on livestream only. School closed. Scouts not allowed to meet . choir not meeting and cut to 4 members from this week. Neighbor's house undergoing renovation ... banging and clanging of setting up scaffolding last Friday, then the roaring of a motor all day Saturday and the smell of some chemical that gave me a headache. Being super-sensitive to noise and smells, I had to get away from the house, so went to the park to pull weeds ... three big bags full for Wednesday's collection and three more out today. Once the mosquitoes come out in full I won't be able to spend that much time in the park. I am wondering how much longer the work will go on.

Since the work is in the house to the south, (18 inches between my window and their wall) the scaffolding blocks off all my sun on the third floor. I had been working up there to save electricity on heat and light. A tall apartment on the east side and a three-story building a few yards to the west means very little sun coming in. Wearing a down jacket and sweater inside, I was surprised when I stepped outside today to see how much warmer it was than my livingroom.

Weeks ago, thinking of what I would give up for Lent, little  did I realize the choice that would be made for me. Many thanks to my blogging friends for a taste of normalcy.


  1. We have all had to make huge sacrifices, hugs, meeting a friend, posting birthday presents ( our postal shop is closed so no parcels can be sent ) asking friends to do grocery or pharmacy shopping, and staying in our own " bubble ". Hope you have plenty on hand to keep you occupied, all non essential services here are shut, no fabric, warehouses, clothing, shoe or footwear, sporting goods, and many more. Essential travel only, apart from a walk in your own area.Travel to a supermarket, doctor or pharmacy only, if you are an essential worker you can travel. Hospitals are limiting visitors, and doctor's surgeries, you have to phone, their doors will be locked, maybe one in, when one comes out. Love that wider border, and your stitching will show beautifully there. the inner lighter colour is just right for the whole quilt, and maybe after all this is over, it can be gifted on, Love and hugs, as we live in a NON contact world.XXXXXX

  2. Nothing seems to be "normal" these days - but it is nice to see you stitching along on your quilt. I also love the wider border - your celtic heart stencil will look lovely - Hugs - ;))

  3. That is quite a complex pattern and a very effective use of scraps.

  4. Lovely work on your flimsy. Glad you can still get out, even if it id just to pull weeds. I is going to be a very trying time for all of us.Take care.

  5. You are so creative with your scraps. I enjoy seeing what you make. I am always so sorry to see the new taller buildings go up as they cast a shadow over the shorter ones. Okay in summer, maybe. At this time of the year if the sun is shining, outside is always warmer than inside for us. Stay warm and well.

  6. Our church is also online, including links to songs on YouTube (with words). Our Sunday school class is meeting thru the Zoom app. The pastor is having a Zoom get together twice a week, for anyone in the church that wants to join in. Nice way to find out how everyone is doing, get updates on all the people everyone is checking on, and get prayer requests and praises. Sorry you are losing your sunlight.

  7. Beautiful quilt! Gotta use up scraps and this is a good time to do it!