Wednesday, May 27, 2020


For weeks now, I have been seeing a notice saying "Try the new blogger". It has taken me forever to keep up with the changes blogger keeps making and so I have ignored that click spot.

Yesterday, when I logged on, there was a message saying the "new blogger" was going to take over in the coming month, so I decided to at least check it out. Well, that got me distracted and I wasted time looking for things that I might need for writing a post. In the end, I reverted back to the "Old" blogger and shut the computer.

Well, I really don't have a lot to post as I am slowly quilting my feedsack quilt ... mostly in the ditch where it is not going to show much.
Other time is spent tending silkworms and hunting for mulberry leaves to feed them, when I am not zooming and skypeing, and facetiming, and attending gotomeetings. I really needed a bit of handwork to do while at these meetings, and my bags of scraps came out because while checking what my blogging friends are up to, I came across the perfect bit of inspiration on Teresa's "Stitchin' Friends" blog... a corona village with a house representing each day of shutdown.

These little 4"x 3" houses might make a nice table runner or a border for a runner depending on how many days of shutdown they represent.

Or laid out in this topsy turvy way, and adding a one inch square in the middle or sashing, there are more possibilities.  They sure don't take as long to sew by hand as it does to mark and cut the scraps.

Of course I might be spending my time tidying up my messy room ... but then, it just gets messy right away again. With a bit of sewing instead, I have something to show for the time and a reminder of where I have been since mid February.

Thanks, Teresa, for your inspiration. (and an excuse not to do cleaning). Did you find the haunted house? Hopefully I will not celebrate my Halloween birthday still on lockdown.


  1. These are fun little houses and I can see why they are the perfect project to take with you on your travels.
    They would also make a lovely border on a future quilt.

  2. Love the houses, and every one will have a story to tell of that day.

  3. Oh, those houses are adorable. What a nice quilt they are going to make.

  4. LOVE your houses - and YES - I found your haunted house - it's SO cute! Hopefully you won't have to spend your birthday on lockdown. The topsy turvy layout sure is appropriate for these topsy turvy times - ;))

  5. Very sweet houses and a fitting theme for this time!

  6. Cute houses. I'm not looking forward to blogger's changes. I wish they would leave things alone.

  7. Cute quilt! It will interesting to see the final layout.

  8. Your village is so cheery and colorful! It will be a great reminder of how we all stayed home during the pandemic. I sure hope we are out and about soon too! A village is nice... A metropolis maybe not so much...