Monday, October 14, 2013

Searching the scrap heap

Plan A was never going to work because I have kept fewer scraps than I thought. I guess that is what happens when most of my quilts are scrap quilts.

Today I went through the one-inch box and found a few other fabrics from former quilts.

I laid them out on a piece of batting in a 12 inch square. Then I pulled out my picture diary and checked to see that there is at least one piece representing every household.

My eldest daughter still does not have a quilt made especially for her but when we had to give up our queen sized bed, I passed my quilt to her. "Amish Tulips" was made in 2001 and I loved the applique blocks set in pinwheels. I stuck in a one-inch black square to represent that one, and of course there are bits from the three baby quilts and the "I Spy" and Paul's "Big Boy" quilt so her household is well represented.

Of course I added one piece of pickle fabric so there will be a connection to the book club.

Now I am playing around with different arrangements. I think I like this one a bit better.

I also liked a suggestion from my friend, Queenie, that I add one bit of fabric and put that into future quilts. Wouldn't that be fun!
I could hide it somewhere in every quilt from now on. Of course, in order to do that I would have to get enough to last a few years and then remember WHERE I PUT IT. That might just be a bigger challenge than keeping up with the book club.


  1. Remembering where I put things has become a huge deal...and when I write it down I lose the paper I wrote it on! Blessings, Marlene

  2. I like your thought process behind the pieces you selected. I read a story where the girl was making a quilt and each piece had a story and reason for being there, would be a fun challenge someday.


  3. Is it my imagination or is there a better balance to the colours in the second lay out? I would have no problem to find fabric in my stash; it is obviously not as well stocked as yours. What I really admire is that you can remember which fabric has been used in which quilt. I would never manage such a test!
    Happy stitching!

  4. "Where I put it" is always a challenge. ;) Especially when you clean and put something "somewhere safe!"

  5. Instead of having one piece of fabric that I have to save and remember, I simply try to use scraps from older quilts into new quilts. This way, all of my quilts are "related" to each other.