Monday, October 28, 2013

Taking a blogging break

October is running out,
 Halloween is all but over, even though the 31st has not yet come.

Sunday saw crowds of people along the streets of Harajuku.
dressed in costumes and taking pictures.

Of course, children were not the only ones in costume. I can't imagine Nikko smiling under this hat and mask.

"Kiddyland", the toy store usually sponsors a parade the last Sunday in the month. I rather imagine they sell a lot of costumes too.

That was really the day of the photo op.

Monday morning,  as we drove along this street on the way to rice delivery, the trucks were out stringing LED lights on the Zelkova trees in preparation for the Christmas season.

That's it. I have successfully dodged Halloween and another birthday. As soon as I get my camping gear into the car, I will be off to the woods for a little over a week.

It is raining and cold. The sore throat I woke up with yesterday has been joined by a runny nose. I am not at all prepared for the classes I will be teaching. AND ... there will be no internet connection.

I have to admit, I need a break from yahoo. I can't imagine how they think they have improved anything at all in the "new" look. My contacts list that was all organized with real names and e-mail addresses ... and sometimes other information , is GONE. In its place is nothing but a list of e-mail addresses. No more typing in the name of someone I want to contact ... if I don't remember their address, I can't write them,

Also, suddenly everything that comes to the in box gets lumped together by subject. The little arrow that appears when you responded to mail is gone. You have to remember to whom you have written because the computer isn't going to let you know any more. And, if you want to delete one of the messages, it deletes everything on that subject.

If I have not answered someone who left a comment, I will have to blame yahoo. I honestly can't figure out why they changed something that wasn't broken in the first place.

I am also finding a few of my posts have been hijacked by several people using them to send advertisements. I am truly sorry if those messages have come to you. I delete the comment as it appears but I will need some technical help to fix those attacks.

Perhaps it will be a positive thing to take a computer break ... but I will miss reading all that my friends are up to.

A dozen little four inch blocks are done but Nikko ate my sketchbook with the plan Saturday while Paul was away to the homeless dinner and I was away to the Cub Scout Rally. I guess she did not like spending such a long day alone. Oh well, I have more notebooks of graph paper. Nikko will go with me to camp so remaining notes should be safe.

I leave you with this seasonal picture. The plant is growing in a garden down the street. I don't know what it is called but as it prepares to bloom, the leaves turn white on the edges, then the tiny flowers appear. They have lasted a long time. The neighbor has several of these small shrubs lining their front walk.

At a time we look forward to the warm hues of fall, this is also a treat.


  1. I hope you feel better and have a wonderful time on your trip.
    Sometimes we all need a break and vacation from phones and computers.


  2. Praying you feel better soon!! So sorry about all the issues with yahoo that you are having. It seems ridiculous all these adjustments that they make to make something better, when it really doesn't!! Take care friend!

  3. I hate it when they "improve things". If it's not broken, don't fix it. I use - it has been faithful and worked fine with no problems. It can be accessed anywhere, just like yahoo.

    Enjoy your break!!

  4. Have a safe camping trip and hopefully that sore throat and runny nose will subside soon. Sorry about your problems with yahoo. Try ...... I have had no problems and you can still just type in a person's name and the e-mail address just pops up.

    Enjoy your computer break.

  5. Look after yourself and get better. Enjoy the blogging break!

  6. I just sent you an email that can help you return your email to messages, not conversations. I hope it helps. Hope your cold is short. Enjoy your time away.

  7. oh dear .. hope you are feeling better soon x ENJOY your birthday .. even if you are trying to avoid it! lol Dont you just HATE improvements made ... for our own GOOD and to IMPROVE the service xx Have a good rest x

  8. Enjoy the bloggy break! I too hate the new Yahoo. I only use it for adoption related stuff, mainly newsletters. They used to display just fine and now they are really messed up. I'm on a couple of older child advocate groups and half the kids' pictures have disappeared! Very annoying. I wish Yahoo would fix their "new and improved" version.

  9. Whose birthday did you dodge? Your own? If so I'd like to wish you a belated Happy Birthday.
    When I went to get cat food the other day I saw a display of Halloween costumes for pets; hilarious!
    I am sorry to hear about your cold, it is not a good time to feel unwell when you have to be away from home and on your toes. Get better soon, dear Julie.
    Yahoo! What can one say? The changes are all for the worse! I still can't figure out how to find things on the new site and everything takes such a long time! Time to change to another service provider?

  10. Happy Birthday anyway! I hope you will be feeling better by the time you get back. I can't blame you for taking a break from the internet. I have close to shutting down all my sites, but then I think - I can't live without them. LOL!
    We are having the same problem with Yahoo email. I don't like the new lumped together inbox system. It is very confusing and hard to figure out who I replied to and who I need to answer.
    Leave it to a pet to eat the one item you are working on. Our cats always know the right project or paper to get sick on that is most likely to upset me.

  11. Hi Julie, I hope your camping break is a wonderful one. This time of year in Arkansas is really the best for camping - the beauty God has given us is breathtaking. Happy birthday, just a bit late. I seem to be a bit late for lots of things lately...not sure why, just one of those times of getting behinder no matter how fast I scurry. Gmail recently changed things too and its taking me a while to figure things out. Thankfully I don't see changes in my contacts. I would truly be lost if they did that! blessings, marlene

  12. Hi Julie, the dogs are so cute and so is the girl.

  13. Mom, I've been curious about the variegated plant since I saw this image you posted. I asked on the Oregon garden bloggers Facebook page and got an instant answer - Euphorbia marginata, snow-on-th-mountain. Cute! -- Julie