Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Great workday!

When I went off to the Gala quilt day on Tuesday, I was very discouraged. (well, probably tired as well). I had been working solidly on quilting the background of the blocks since our last session, my fingers were sore and there was still so much left to do. I have to admit I rather felt like giving up.

Sunday I worked to midnight and got up at four to deliver rice. Instead of going back to bed upon our return, I went back to work on quilting.

I had an afternoon English class but returned to quilting upon my return and kept at it until midnight again. As ten is my usual bedtime, I think my brain is getting a bit foggy.

Tuesday we met for a full day of work and I was able to mark more of the borders but it is too difficult to quilt in the middle when the group is working around the border so last night I stayed up to midnight again. I work with a large hoop and sit with the quilt all bunched up so it is hard to tell how much is done and I was still feeling panic about the amount left to do.

This morning when we began our second all day session, the quilt was laid out on the table and we could see that only part of the two bottom rows are left to do. We were able to finish marking the borders and with many hands, a lot of those borders were finished.

We were also able to come up with a plan for the corners that will make the borders easy to finish off. We decided at the end of the day to lay the quilt out on the floor and take a picture. I think everyone was happy at the progress and the end is in sight. We will make the deadline ... maybe with time to spare. The positive mood of the group did much to make me feel happier.

Our lovely quilt inspector got close and personal to check out the work.

Does this look like an approval to you?

Since returning home, I have been quilting the outlines for the corners. Three of those are far enough done for the group to finish.

Maybe another hour and I will go to bed.

In January, when Queenie and I met up with Tanya at the Tokyo Dome show, Tanya came bearing gifts for each of us.

Tanya had made us each a little quilt with a flower and the message, "Bloom Where You're Planted".

I just love it and I already have a nice table center Tanya made a while ago.

I was sorry I had nothing to give in return. The gala quilt has really been consuming all my time and energy. BUT, now that the quilting was in progress, I did need something to do while riding the train and sitting in meetings.

I had picked out the print fabric at the Dome show and thought it would be a good reminder of the short time we had to meet.

I know Tanya's six cats are not this color but I pulled a few prints out of my stash that would show up fairly well in a group.

In a box of fabric gifted by my friend in Maryland I found a bright cat print for the backing and I had some of the "night patrol" cats, left over from a quilt made for my son, that could be used for the border.

Several Scout committee meetings and many train rides later, he cats were ready to take a trip to their new home. Today, someone in my group asked if I had finished the cats. Well, yes I had but I had been waiting until they arrived at their new home to post a picture.

It was 1992 that I drafted this pattern on graph paper with my white cat, Pearl, as the model. Two of my daughters have used it for baby quilts for their friends and I have lost count of how many I have made. At one time I was working on a draft for tessellating cats and dogs. One of these days I should dig it out and put it together. Next in line is another baby quilt for a friend. It will be my next take-along project and it could be next week I will actually have time to play in my stash boxes.


  1. Oh wow, tesellated cats! Love that. You've made remarkable progress on the Fan Quilt. It does take a long time to quilt all of that by hand but it is gorgeous.

  2. Congratulations on a near-finish! It is really beautiful.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS to you and your group for that intense , beautiful quilting on the Gala quilt! I'm sure you'll be ready on time, even a little bit before *Ü*
    I'm sure Tania will be absolutely thrilled with that beautiful cat quilt. She loves them so much and your pattern is so special...
    Keep going, dear Julie... but don't forget to rest a little and have a good night sleep.


  4. How great that you are nearing the end of the fan project - it is such a pretty quilt - and I think kitty agrees. Love the cat quilt - I am ever amazed at how much you get done by hand - just shows what consistency will do.

  5. The Gala quilt looks lovely! I saw your cute kitty quilt over on Tanya's blog, and commented on it there. Now 'GET SOME SLEEP'!

  6. Your Gala Quilt, it will all be done in time, it is a real beauty, and Tanya's Cats, I have seen it, and the border fabric so suits it and Tanya as well, love the tessellating design. Take care, do get some sleep, "Sleep that knits up the ravell'd sleeve of care, " Shakespeare knew so well. Maybe in your place, quilting deadlines. Fond hugs, Jean.

  7. The Gala quilt is gorgeous and your quilting is really beautiful, I cannot believe how much you stich in a day, I think I would have no fingers left, lol.


  8. remember to take care of your self x Love your quilt inspector .. who obviously approves as much as the rest of us x

  9. That is such a lot of quilting to be done in a short time. It is looking wonderful. I hope everyone appreciates all the time yo have put into it.
    Your cat quilt is gorgeous an I love the story behind it.

  10. The Gala Quilt would not be if it were not for all the hard work you have put into it. PLEASE get some sleep! PLEASE let your sore fingers get some rest!
    Of course the quilt inspector approves of it; it's a beautiful quilt.
    So is the table runner you made for Tanya. You have picked such a good selection from your stash.

  11. Hi Julie, I love the quilting you are doing but it must be taking lots of extra hours all those lovely curves; the quilt is a credit to you all. It has been a joy been back looking at yours and Tanya's blog and now Carin's too. You all looked so happy to have finally meet up it is a great photo of the 3 of you, isnt the quilting world magical. Thanks for sharing so many wonderful photo's Glenda Australia.

  12. Your quilt is lovely and I do believe the inspector approves! Your hard work is paying off and I'm sure you'll be glad to see it done and get some much needed sleep!

  13. What a joy it is to see the end of a long project, and helping hands make it even more special! The Gala quilt is simply beautiful. Congratulations on the big finish!

  14. Well done on the Gala quilt, you have done amazingly well. Soon it will be finished and then you must take a breather and a little time for yourself. God bless you.

  15. Lovely work as always Julie! The quilting on the fans looks lovely. So fun to see another tessellating cat quilt too.

  16. Wow, you have really been working overtime Julie! The quilt is beautiful! The cats (the real one, and the tessellating ones) are so charming. I wish I was there to lend a hand to the Gala Quilt. It is a real beauty!

  17. Hi, I'm Shirley, live in Victoria Aust and am now following your blog. Thank you.
    I plan to visit Japan later this year and as I'm a patch/quilter/beader wondered if you may have Must See places in Japan?
    I hope this is not an intrusion, chers, shirley

  18. So many nice comments about your Tessellating Kitties table runner, both on my blog and from people who visit my house. Thank you again!