Monday, February 10, 2014

Tokyo Dome part 6

Are you  ready for something more colorful?

The quilters among the well-known group certainly weren't afraid to use lots of color.

This quilt, "To Hana"
is the work of Yoshiko Fujita.

Here is some more red...

"Flowers in a Red Room"
by Keiko Miyauchi.

This is "Red Kitchen"

by Ito-san

Now adding a bit more color to the red, here is a "Mola"

Roughly translated "The Dinosaurs have Returned"

by Shizuko Yabe.

This quilt won a "special award", as did the one above.

Another with lots of red tones is
"Iroha maple leaves"

This quilt by Reiko Watnabe was a award winner in the "Wa" category.

Chieko Akada created this quilt of


Fireworks ...
From the original design category.

This original design quilt is titled

"Happiness" and was created by Yakushiji-san.

It had a good spot for viewing on an outer partition.
222 x 200 cm. so those were lots of tiny pieces!

Speaking of tiny pieces ... here is "Fantasy Land by  TadakoNagasawa?, another original.

Another original design is this one

"Mysterious Arrows", by Yoshida-san

Though red was a popular color, there were plenty of mixes too.

Roughly translated, "The Milky-way towards it's fall"

This original design by Kikuchi-san

This "Summer Night Fireworks"

won a "Corporate Award" and is made by a Chinese quilter.

I have no idea how "Cho" is read in Chinese.

It was in the Original category.

Just look at the sparkle in this detail!
Another with the colors shown off by a black background ...

And another winner of a Corporate Award,

"Applique" by Ezawa-san

Another award winner and also in black is "Starry sky in Sydney"

by Sanae Shitmomura .

Also an original design quilt,

"Spool Flower"

Can you find the spools in this quilt?
They are almost hidden by all the flowers.

Miwako Yamai Is the quilter.

"A Dream Come True"

by Katsumi Kinoshita.

"A Fragment of Memory"

This quilt by Motoko Akaike.

"Sparkling Quilt" by Nakazawa-san

The detail does show the sparkles.(Machine quilted with sparkly thread).

I still have some pictures I want to share but the Gala quilt is waiting.

I thought maybe the sun would come out and warm my third floor room but it doesn't look like that is going to happen .... SO.....

I will add another layer and get back to work!
Enjoy a touch of color!


  1. Oh, WOW ! Watching those beauties, while sipping my morning coffee, thanks to you *Ü*
    Such precise and artful jobs ! I'm always in awe, in front of those Japanese quilts.
    This time, my favourite ones are :
    - "Happiness" with all those tiny logcabin blocks,
    - "Fantasy Land",
    - "Appliqué",
    - and "A Fragment of Memory" (love all those circles in a square!)

    THANKS for showing, Julie.
    Have a nice day!


  2. such a lot of work .. and all of it beautiful xx

  3. This post proves that all Japanese quilts aren't taupe!
    I remember we stood in front of Spool Flower and looked at the ornamental border with bias tape, but I did not spot those spools in the quilt itself! You see so much more than I do, Julie.
    Red Kitchen was another quilt we talked a lot about, I remember...
    Thanks for showing a lot of quilts that I did not add to my posts.

  4. I love the Starry night quilt, nice design and colors for a winter quilt. I do love circle quilts, they look like fun to make and such a great way to use up scraps. So much talent and creativity in the show.


  5. All those lovely reds. Yummy! The bottom quilt, with all the circles, I found a pattern like that years ago in an Australian quilting magazine. I still plan on making that quilt one day.

  6. Amazing work. My preference is for the more traditional - but I certainly do admire all the work that went into these quilts.

  7. I love the Iroha Maples Leaves - "wa" plus color - fabulous. Thanks for your continuing tour of the show for those of us far away!

  8. Wow! So much color and so many amazing designs! I love the Mola quilt. It reminds me of some of the SW designs I have seen over the years.

  9. Hi, Just catching up after returning from California. Your selections and photos are fantastic. The Tokyo quilts are always so original - really, really creative. I especially love the Red Kitchen and Milky Way quilts. Thanks so much for sharing all of these! ~Marina & Daryl