Saturday, February 22, 2014

slowly moving along

Last week's snow is slowly melting and the snow that was predicted for this week did not make a showing.

Each day more and more of the street pavement is showing. The piles are getting more and more dirty as they freeze each night.

The paths in front of single family dwellings have been pretty well cleared...

But the apartment buildings are a different story.

Each year, more and more of these huge condominiums and apartment buildings are going up.

Not only do they add a few hundred more people to our sardine-can trains, but I find that everyone's property is no one's responsibility.

Though the single dwellings beyond have the walks cleared, those around the apartment buildings are left for nature to clear ... and certainly add to the time it takes to walk any where.

Monday I had to go out to an afternoon English class and Wednesday morning the Gala quilt group met for a few hours of work.

My daughter and granddaughter came over and while I was reading to Leya, Norie took over my quilting for me.

Other than those times, I was glad to stay indoors working on quilting the background of the fan blocks, Friday's new group ... well, new to me ... met in a home that had a large wooden floor behind the sitting area. It was warm and sunny and I could spread the Gala quilt on the floor and mark the remaining background and one border for quilting.

That was a really big help, even if I didn't get any quilting done. I quilted all day today until I had to leave for an evening Scout meeting.

I think this is about a quarter of the blocks done. The quilting in to border will be a straight line cable. This is not really heavily quilted but the thinsulate batting is not going to shift even if the quilt should get heavy wear.

On the wall outside my window I enjoyed the winter visitors.

This Brown-eared Bulbul was working on that apple almost before the door was shut.

I don't know where they hang out but they really keep a close eye on the wall.

 The feeder is just a piece of plywood with two groups of nails hammered up from the bottom and some side pieces to hold it on the wall.

Sometimes I put tangerines and sometimes apples.

This little Japanese White-eye was waiting on the laundry poles for his turn.

This afternoon I put out a glass of juice for these guys but I was too busy working on the quilt to stop for pictures.

Tomorrow after church I have to take part in a special music practice,  then return home for more quilting.

My fingers are getting rather sore. I have a thin rubber thimble that helps  ... if I remember to wear it. Usually I have to stab my fingers a few times before hunting it up.

A good night's sleep and a break tomorrow morning are going to help even more.


  1. That makes it hard to walk outside, I notice that here at the stores, the parking lots are icy and a good way to break a hip;) Condos usually charge fees and that covers snow removal, not right that they leave it that way. I also enjoy watching the winter birds, we have been getting a lot this year, along with the squirrels.


  2. Love the gusts of air your fans are blowing in the spaces between. This is currently my favorite of the Gala Quilts I have seen photos of. Love you, G.

  3. I just love this quilt! I've been watching it take shape. Your quilting gives it movement and grace. It's inspiring me to make something similar!

  4. Oh I love love love the quilting - the swirly design really fits the straight lines of the fans - it is gorgeous!!!!

    That's a clever bird feeder - I'm afraid our squirrels would take over fast if we put fruit out in the open.

  5. try and stay safe on those icy pavements ... and wear your finger guards xx and saty warm too xx

  6. I loved getting to see your birds, especially the Japanese White-eye that you had commented on earlier. Your quilting is beautiful, too!

  7. Love those fans, and bird on the apple, super, Do you have special shoes for the snow? I saw on a blog somewhere there are" things" called Yaktrax, that slip over shoe soles and give you grip and traction on ice and snow. Enjoy the last of your winter days, cheers, Jean.

  8. It is difficult to plan which way to walk; best to choose the narrower back streets where the residents have cleared a path in the snow, and avoid the wider streets where the snow problem belongs to no one!
    What clever 'puffs of air' quilt design you have on the fan quilt! You are so logical, Julie!
    Take care, not only of you granddaughter and birds, but your fingers as well!

  9. That's a beautiful fan quilt you're working on. Be careful on those icy sidewalks. Are we all ready for spring?

  10. The quilt is beautiful! I love the pops of bright color against the indigo. Your swirly quilting design is perfect for it. I wish I could see it in person - keep posting photos!

  11. I know what you mean about the snow not being removed, there was a stretch I used to have to walk of about 3-4 houses who never ever cleared the sidewalk in front of their houses, even though there's a law which says they're supposed to. I love what you've done on the fan quilt, especially since you're quilting it by hand - love the pattern!

  12. The Gala quilt is progressing beautifully, your quilting has such empathy with the pieced design. I hope the snow goes soon, we have escaped any so far this year but I hate it when it hangs around. I have seen similar silver eyes in New Zealand but not here, I love to see the different birds. Ours get feed seeds, leftover bread and fallen fruit and, of course, it's essential that they have water when their usual sources may be frozen.

  13. I am doing a bit of catching up on posts. It is amazing to see how long the snow is staying around. I agree with the idea of staying inside as much as possible. Your fan quilt is looking lovely.
    It is great to see the birds coming down to your feeder.

  14. Whoa! That pathway looks dangerous! I hope you're able to stay safe out there!

    Love the fans! The quilting really makes the blocks pop. It's looking great, Julie!

  15. What a lovely quilt you are working on. :-) I'm looking forward to spring. I have a lot of snow and ice out in my garden, so now I need flowers and sun. :-)
    Pretty birds,not like those who lives in Norway.
    Have a great day. Hugs:-)

  16. Hi Julie, the fan quilt is amazing - is it quilted yet? It would be done by hand(s) I guess. I live in Victoria, Australia and am a patchworker, maker of decorative masks, and trying to learn some Japanese omiyage skills - I have made some temari balls, which I beaded and embroidered - must confess that I'm a beading freak too - see it - bead it! Kumiko Sudo is a favourite artist for me.
    I apologise if it is impolite to ask you, but do you please have any suggestions about where, especially in Tokyo and Kyoto, I might find an english speaking guild and learn a new skill. I will be visiting Japan in Oct/Nov for 16-18 days and will definitely visit those two cities - I'm a bit confused where else to visit. I'd spend approx. 4 nights in each of 3/4 locations.
    I wish you very well, and your contact would be appreciated. I have a google account under shirley, and it has one of my face masks as the pic - must say I am a bit ignorant on how all this works, but my email is: Cheers, shirley