Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tokyo Dome ... a few final observations part 8

I have already mentioned the spiders and cats that got plenty of wall space at the Tokyo Dome Quilt show. There was one other observation I have thought to mention, and that is the use of fabric printed with text.

This quilt, note the title was in English, was called "Dear daddy".

It was a Corporate Award winner and made by Tomoko Aida.

In the center are piles of letters and the surrounding blocks are post boxes in an assortment of styles.

You can see the cleverly added postmarks.

Below is a closer view of the center area.

Ans another view showing a post box....

This quilter was not afraid to use English text.

Here are some more details from quilts you have already seen.



Well, I guess you get the idea and I don't have to show you all the pictures in my file. Needless to say, every category of quilts included some with fabric containing English text.

And, even in the shops selling fabric, there were plenty of selections of English text. 

For an "International" quilt show where hardly any information can be found with Roman lettering, there was no shortage to view.

And, though I have no shortage of fabric myself ... in fact, I will have to live to two hundred to use up all I have ... I did make one small purchase ....

Well, it kinda shouted at me as I was passing ... 
A little birthday pillow for my cat-loving dog?  Well, no, but I do have something in mind.

The Gala is only about two weeks away and there is way too much left to do. Any other work I do will have to fall into the take-along category.

Besides, after the first picture, my computer stopped letting my put writing next to the pictures. Rather than frustrate myself further or waste more time trying to figure it out, I'd better get back to the Gala quilt. Do you think this might be a hidden message????


  1. I have seen lots of this type of fabric around .. have to say Im not a big fan .. but thankfully everyone has their own oppinion and there are lots of lovely quilts out there to prove it xx

  2. I love how you find a theme for your blog posts from the show! Yes, there were indeed a lot of text on the quilts, and not much in the way of information by the organisers!
    Great feline newspaper you found!
    Leave the computer to sort itself out and get on with the Gala quilt!

  3. Love that quilt and the use of postcards and lettering, that would be a fun project to create.


  4. What a creative person that is to make that amazing quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you for the walk through the quilt show. For those of us who cannot attend, this was amazing to see. What a treat that you finally got to meet Tanya and her friends. Like you, we have met them through her blog and it would be like meeting a friend that you have known forever. Only half an hour ... not enough time but cherished time, nonetheless.

  6. I am starting to like text on quilts, it adds another dimension, I was going to say another texture but that wouldn't have been funny would it? Get back to the Gala quilt now my friend :-)

  7. Your chronicle fabric is a laugh! I have some similar and included it in the backing of a cat quilt for my mother one year. Thought she might like some reading material!

  8. The text fabric trend is so much fun. We are thinking of you, with the Gala deadline. Very best wishes on the quilt (hope you don't wear yourself out!)