Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tokyo Dome part 7 ... a few more things that caught my eye

As with all Tokyo Dome shows, there was a theme, this year, "Moomin" characters. There were wonderful little quilted wall-hangings very closely resembling the book illustrations.

Ms Kuroha had a large display area that included her earlier quilts, an exhibit of a loom and thread dyed for kasuri weaving,

and in the midst, Kuroha-san, herself, (all day, every day, speaking with her many fans.

It was impossible to get close enough to see or hear her.
I have seen her at other quilt shows and she is a very engaging quilter.

Another great exhibit was a "Junior" category. Groups of Junior high quilters participated and there were all degrees of creativity, as you might imagine. There was also a section in that exhibit where teachers were engaging young children in a fabric art project.

There has been a Junior category for many years but this is the first time it became one of the show features. Not a bad way to encourage the next generation of quilters. (I was given the pattern for the kid's project to bring home to my granddaughter).

Of course I took pictures of these exhibits but Queeniepatch has already made much better posts than I might do on these. If you haven't checked out her posts, you need to rush right over there.
There was also a wonderful exhibit of Swedish embroidery where no photos were allowed.

 This fine quilt caught my eye and must have caught a few others because it won a corporate award.

This "Piling up Flowers" is the creation of Akemi Sugiyama.

"Thankful Gift"

This one by Kyoko Yamauchi.

This quilt was another of the traditional category.

Check out this detail.

Just imagine the work that went into this quilt.

It makes me glad I don't have to be one of those people selecting the prize-winners!

This quilt called "ALHAMBRA"

was one of the quilts made by well-known quilters.

Noriko Masui is the quilter.

Roughly translated as "In the Mood of a London Girl",

The lighting is a bit dark and my flash was turned off but I found a lot of charm in this quilt by Yukiko Maruhama.

This quilt also won a corporate award.

This detail might give you a better idea of all the work involved in the making.

This stunning quilt by Tsuchiyama-san
is called "Maze".

Just a variety of tones in only two colors!

You can really appreciate the work when looking at this small detail.

I think Queenie showed this quilt on her selection and it is no wonder when you see the close up...

You don't have to be the Queen-of-Needlework to appreciate this quilt which won an excellence award.

"Blessing of the Sun"

Made by Tanaka-san.

Here is another detail of an award-winning quilt made by Sakaguchi-san in the framed category.

Called "Ruby Colored Happiness".

Another corporate award winner is this "Bo Tree" (The tree of Buddha).

Made by Motoko Hatekeyama.

"Turkish blue tile"

This quilt in the original design category is made by

Miyuki Nishiura.

The center tile is striking but look at all those bordering tiles!

Another original design called "Piano"

Was created by Sudo-san.

Another original design that caught my eye

"Heartbeat", by Shigeyo Nakayama.

I just have to show this little framed quilt.
\No "Owl person" could walk right past it without noticing.

Called "Owl"

it is by Kawasaki-san

(Wouldn't that make a nice addition to my owl collection)!

Of course there were the winners of the grand prizes.

They were hanging in a prominent place but hard to get pictures of without assorted body parts.

This "Misty Floral" won the Hand Making Award.

It is rather difficult to appreciate with just a photo
so here is a bit closer picture.

How is THAT for handwork?!

This "Mysterious Letter" by Noriko Nozawa

won the Grand Prix Second Place award.

A calligraphy fan must really enjoy this one.

"Cotton Story" was the Grand Prix First Prize winner.

It was made by Mariko Akahori.

This also needs a close-up view to appreciate.

Trapunto and embroidery and those fuzzy flowers and all that tiny stitching... Yeah, I guess she deserves a prize.

And, though I didn't get pictures of all the winners, this one called "Snow angel"

won the "Friendship Award"

It was made by Kazuyo Kudo.

And here is a detail of those little children... and the embroidered embellishments.

I still have a few loose ends to cover from the show. Last week the Gala quilt was basted and Wednesday the group met to work on quilting the fans.

I had managed about 27 of the center fans during the week so we could work on the fans around the edges.

At the end of the session, the quilt came back home with me. I have put the spokes on the finished fans and now am working on the remaining ones around the edge.

I should probably be doing that task instead of playing on my computer but....

I have been saved by the snow!

It had been steadily falling since early morning.
The sewing group meeting was cancelled until next Friday.

The schools were let out early as snow piles up and the above-ground trains are having delays.

Finally it was decided to postpone my Pack's meeting tonight. I have to admit I am glad not to have to slip and slide all the way to the American Club carrying woodworking tools.

The picture shows my street. I think one of my neighbors is a creative shoveler  ... or Rodin has moved in ... or this guy is saying, "What am I thinking, sitting out here in this weather"?

Today is Nikko's birthday. 12 years of dog hair! She didn't get a cake but she ate a whole card of the silk I was using to stitch the fan spokes. Now she is sitting at rapt attention watching out the window at the new neighbors moving into the house across the street.

Tomorrow is my first daughter's birthday.

The plum we planted so long ago to celebrate her birth is getting into a celebratory mood.
I guess it doesn't mind the snow as much as the Scouts and quilters.
Well, enough of excuses ... I gotta get back to the business at hand (and I don't mean shoveling snow)!


  1. Birthdays to celebrate, remembering the day of birth so well as if yesterday, anxious, a little afraid, then joy and celeb ration. Birthday wishes from NZ, The quilts, my favs, "Owl" and " Blessing of the Sun" exquisite stitching. Thanks so very much for sharing with us. Greetings to you and yours on these special days, Jean.... Julie, thanks again so much for comforting words, I had no idea that a rib/ribs, , when cracked or fractured, could be so painful!!!

  2. Thank you so much for your posts about this festival!!! I am dreaming about going there one day, and so far was reading every single post in your blog and the links you gave. Thank you again :-)

  3. You've been saved by the snow, as I've been by the rain ! *Ü*
    Your beautiful Gala quilt is going to be another heirloom. Good to work all together, around such a beautiful project...
    Oh, Julie, the quilts you're showing from the Tokyo Dome are SOOOO amazing !
    I wonder how long it takes those talented ladies to complete such works of art ?
    You're right : I'd find it so hard to choose a winner among those quilts!
    Yet, some of them particularly touched me, such as :
    - "Snow Angel"
    -"Misty Floral"
    - "Bo Tree"
    - and, of course, those really cuuuute umbrellas ! *Ü* (wish I could make an umbrellas quilt, but I'm such a poor designer - Maybe there's an existing umbrellas appliqué pattern, somewhere??).
    I was particularly touched by the effort of encouraging young people to take on quilting. This is so important...
    It doesn't seem to be so, here : our quiltshop bees are full of "old" ladies, "marinating" into their self content, and even considering their skills as "secret" (?!?!). No offense at all, they're quite nice and talented... but don't you EVER propose any quilting bee on a single project ! "Everyone's own project" seems to be the motto. Too bad...
    Personnally, I also regret the fact that none of my 2 busy daughters are not interested at all in learning to quilt. Actually, I'm the only quilter in our big family and everyone is talking about "Nadine, with her little bits and pieces"... *Ü*
    Thank You Internet for letting me be part of the real quilters world and, above all, Thank YOU, dear Julie for the inspiration you provide through your blog !

    Enjoy your sewing, dear,

    PS : that Rodin snow sculpture is amazing, too !

  4. Another fantastic report from the show. How on earth did you get the close ups of the winning quilts? Brought your tele lense? Sneaked behind the rope? I still find 'Blessings of the Sun' my favourite.
    Great job on the Gala quilt and with all the cancellation because of the snow, you will make fast work of it.
    Beautiful plum in the snow!

  5. Blessings of the Sun - wow! And another "wow" is Snow Angel. Thanks for sharing all these photos! Your fans are looking great - and I love the plum blossom. We've got snow here too, lots of it, making for some cozy quilting time;).

  6. Hallelujah for plum blossoms. Hope for the spring to come!

  7. The quilts are amazing. I would think some would be a life's work, at least for me it would be. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures,. Your picture of the plum blossom is so lovely...would make a pretty quilt (hint hint).

  8. I actually love the quilt with the umbrella's! they are so unique, have never seen one like it.

  9. Happy Birthday Nikko! Thanks for more lovely quilts to drool over.

  10. You've done a great review of the Tokyo Dome show with all your posts! I live in Houston, but I was there for the show this year. I am actually writing a book about contemporary Japanese quilts. A couple of the quilts that caught your eye also caught mine, but you also found some different ones that I didn't stop at. Sooo many to see!

    1. Snow Angel is my favorite! Thank you for the close-up shot. And happy birthday to your daughter! Your plum tree photo is beautiful!

  11. Oh Julie... I know I keep saying it, but the detail in these quilts is just AMAZING!!

    Happy birthday to your daughter!!!

  12. Happy birthday to your daughter, the plum has perfect timing. I am exhausted by your report, the detail in those quilts is amazing, I don't believe those Japanese quilters ever sleep. Thank you for the close ups, they take my breath away. The snow seems bad this year, it is worse than usual or have I just read more about it?

  13. Happy Birthday to Nikko and your daughter! My mother use to cook a hot dog for our dog's birthday and put pink gravy on top with a candle. My brothers and I would sing happy birthday, blow out the candle so our dog could eat his hot dog with gravy that was suppose to be red.
    I am in love with the "Thankful Gift". Gorgeous applique work. And the "Turkish Blue Tile" and "Snow Angel" - beautiful!

  14. Overwhelming, amazing! These quilts are all so very beautiful. Thanks for sharing your photos.