Monday, February 3, 2014

Tokyo Dome show, part 5

On our trip through the exhibits, I was interested to note a number of repeated themes.

One of those was spider webs.

I am sorry to say that I did not get the name of this quilter, but it was among the 60 well known quilters and I think those names were in English.  Maybe Queenie has the name because she bought the catalogue.

Here is another one...

Also by a quilter I cannot identify.

The title of this quilt is "Queen of the Night" and the quilter is Kashizaki-san.

This quilt was among the Original Design Quilt Category.

I am not sure if the "queen" in the title referred to the spider and her catch or this little fellow farther down on the quilt.

There were some amazing details to be enjoyed on thispiece of work.

This is just a detail of a quilt among the Corporate Awards
by Kido-san.

The title, "As the Wind Blows".

There were plenty of leaves swirling around in that quilt but also note the spider and some webs.

Even the framed category had it's share of spiders.

This quilt by Hosomi-san called "Hide and Seek" includes a spider on a web plus ants and some caterpillars.

There was at least one other framed quilt with a spider in a web, and I think another full sized quilt.

I would have to say, the spiders were well represented at that show.

Queenie noticed quite a few cat quilts. The framed quilt category alone had at least four.

This one by Kojima-san is called
"Sweet Sixteen.

Another cute framed quilt of a cat playing with a ball.

This one is by Kanda-san.

This quilter, Suzuki-san, has a quilt in the show for at least the past three years. They are always fused, raw-edge machine applique and full of black and white cats.
This one "In the garden where the agapanthas  blooms" This was among the Original Design quilts.

And this bag, called "Happy Birthday" by Nishimura-san had cats all around and that birthday cake, candles and all, is made of fish.

I'll bet walking around with that bag on one's arm would draw a lot of attention.

(And this was not the only bag with cats )!

Even the Junior Category had a cat quilt.

I hope you enjoy the critters. I still have a few more posts to make ... if I can get my act together.


  1. I love the black and white cats!! Thanks for more quilt touring.

  2. Wow! That top quilt is striking!!

  3. Great addition to the quilts you have already shown, and thank you for adding titles and the makers' names. (The first quilt is called 'Let's Try to Live Together in Mutual Prosper' and made by Mitsuko Murakami. The second quilt, 'A Spider's Web' by Keiko Morishita.)
    Ms Suzuki also made a BAG with the same pattern of cats in a garden of Agapanthus.
    Is 2014 the year of the spider and the cat, as well as the horse?

  4. Such talent. I'm lucky to get a block together. My favorites are the leaves with the ants and little worm and the black and white kitties. Such vision! Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Love seeing the quilts and of course I love the kitty ones. My favorite is the kitty and french words.


  6. B&W cats, that is superb. and the bag, lovely, Quilters talented beyond our imagination. Thanks so much for sharing with us, Jean.