Friday, April 17, 2015

Almost there

I decided to go with the green.

The blue was just too overpowering and the green contains the same blues, browns, and reds that are in the feature pickle fabric.

Now all the triangles are in place and I like the effect.

Next will be the decision on the border. I am thinking maybe a strip of the light blue with a few insets of other fabrics from the main quilt.

I am planning for a single bed size so I don't want it to go much larger.
I am thinking of two inches all around will be just about right.  have only a small amount of the blue left ... not enough to go all the way around. I have varying amounts of the other fabrics ... browns, tans, reds, etc to make it around. If I wanted all blue, I would have to buy more which is not really my plan.

The picture taken on the park fence looks a bit dull in the early morning sun, but one can get an idea of where we stand as of now.

Blue border?
That might cost a bit but it would be faster and easier to sew.

Pieced border?
It would take more time ... but time is not really the issue...
It would use up more of my scraps.
It might be complicated to arrange the blues and other fabrics so they are balanced... but I do like the prospect of using up stash ... and some of these fabrics that appear only once might like to have a friend in the border.

I could always finish it with light blue binding.

I love to get advice ... even if I can't follow it all.

Now that the rain has taken a breal, we are seeing red.

The Photinia is a favorite hedge, This is along a fence surrounding a large apartment building.
It gives a lot of privacy and lets in the air.

The shrubs at the bottom come out green and by the time the Photinia turns green, those plants will be a bright red.

The Japanese maples are all coming out flaming red.

I don't know if they are brighter in the spring or the fall ... but I think spring wins.

Even the scrubby azaleas outside the station entrance are getting into the act.

Maybe that border wants some red too?


  1. Love that green, and a border, what about strips. 1.5 inches wide, of all the fabrics, stripes going outwards, I think they are called piano key borders.

  2. I like the idea of the blue coming back in again. I know that does not fit with your plan of no purchases - sorry.
    Lovely to see all the beautiful garden colour!

  3. It seems more "you" to do a pieced border I think - the challenge of it! The blue will still be a part of the pieced border. The quilt is gorgeous! You are way ahead of us in Tokyo. The birds are singing and the peepers are out but the daffodils aren't in yet - soon!

  4. I agree with Cynthia, go for a pieced border. Piecing is your thing, you'll use up stash and save money, and it will be fun, for you and for those lonely pieces who want friends in the border. A light blue binding would be the icing on the cake. Have fun!

  5. I say no border:) Bind it with a half inch wide light blue binding. Oh I miss Japanese azalea hedges in Tokyo. They are just beautiful.

  6. Your quilt is coming together really well! I'm excited to see it when it is finished. :D

  7. I am having trouble getting my comment to load - third try. The light blue sashing looks perfect on the background. For some reason I am thinking of a triangle pieced border that would echo the on-point blocks. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Lovely flower pics, too!