Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Nikko's bed

Poor Nikko suffers from "separation anxiety".

Many nights papa stays up half the night. while Nikko comes up after her evening walk, to sleep on her bed outside his door.

Some mornings I have to go out early and Nikko is left on her own, waiting for papa to get up. The longer she waits, the more anxiety builds and she chews on whatever is there.

I have asked papa not to let her on his bed because she has chewed up several quilts and made holes in two down comforters ... causing a storm of feathers.

By now, her bed is pretty well chewed up.

When Leia made a tied cover using some donated fleece, I saved the corners and wondered what they might be used for.

Well, I can't say fleece is my favorite thing to sew, but it came in handy to make a new mat for Nikko's bed.

(She likes cats so the print works fine) I thought I might use yarn in a blanket stitch around the edge but that fleece wouldn't take the thick needle with doubled yarn through the eye.

It is probably just as well I didn't spend too much time and energy on this one ... I wonder how long it will be before it too is chewed up.
Anyway, it will be covered completely in white fur, I'm certain, knowing how fleece attracts hair.

This morning's walk brought a disappointing scene.

The five tulips I planted along the edge of the weed lot I have been tending have been slow at coming up. I didn't expect progress with yesterday's freezing weather ...

but I didn't expect what I saw this morning. All five had been broken off at the ground and tossed down along with the flower from the grape hyacinth. I am wondering what pleasure someone got from doing that.

When we lived in the Suginami house we had a regular plant vandal who broke off all our flowers as they were about to open, but the neighbors here have been happy to see the improvements in the lot. I am feeling very sorry for someone who gets pleasure in destroying flowers.


  1. I got Bean a bed and the first thing he did was, start chewing on it, so i put it away until he is older. For now he uses old blankets for his bed and during the day he rests wherever his mood takes him. That is such a shame and sad that someone has so much bitterness in their heart that they want to destroy the happiness of others.


  2. What person would do that, senseless, not a flower to steal, only the stalk and leaves, if they do that, what are they like to their family or pet? Hope they get someone to sort them out before anything else happens. like the new bed, hope he snuggles down, rather than a "chew and destroy" version.

  3. How awful that someone would deliberately destroy flowers, must be a very sad person.

    I think the doggie bed of fleece will be comfy and cozy.

  4. I am interested to see if Nikko snuggles with her blanket for any length of time before chewing it up. It seems like a soft and snuggly blanket.

    And I am so mystified by the new "plant vandal." In the first place, someone had to pay attention enough to notice tiny plants at the edge of the vacant place, and secondly, that person had to recognize that they were nurtured flowers. So that person had to have some knowledge of plants and/or the neighbors, and also be unbalanced. OR, it was a baby! Babies love to learn about things by destroying them, right? Babies and little children do that. Maybe a parent and child stopped to talk with a friend, and the child didn't have anything to do, so decided to play with the plants? Hmmm, we'll need some time to see if a pattern emerges.

  5. Our dogs always chewed up their beds and sleeping mats, too. Oh dear!!

  6. Oh Julie, so sad about your flowers. Our dog Fudge (because he's a chocolate labrador) has chewed through more blankets, old duvet covers, everything that we give him for bedding in his shed (the only thing he hasn't managed to chew through yet is the plastic bed that the bedding goes into).

  7. I know that Nikko is happy with his new bed. Good going. It's sad though, that some people enjoying destroying beautiful things and the property of others ;(

  8. Hmmm... I would not like my dog to chew a hole in one of my quilts... I have enough trouble with cats that pee on them! Poor Choco does not get a dog bed because she is too dirty to have one. I toss her a blanket or a towel occasionally but they are too unbearable to wash! So sorry about your flowers... I wonder about the people who can toss trash out so easily in our forest...