Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rainy day plans

Well, the backing for the quilt is assembled.

I took it to the park yesterday afternoon for a picture and was planning to take the supplies to our church and borrow the floor of the fellowship hall to do the basting today.

BUT... Today it is raining and I have reconsidered, thinking of the walk to and from the stations at each end, carrying everything plus an umbrella.
Tomorrow I have to go for choir practice anyway so I may as well go four or five hours earlier and do it then.

The photo is not very true with either the purples or the lime greens and the balance could have been better if I could have seen the whole thing at once for making the arrangements.

Anyway, I went with plan "B" which was a trip to the barber for a haircut. The boy cut is only 1.000 yen so I got a nice crew cut that should be good for the hot summer and last through October.

I picked three fresh mulberry leaves along the way home for the last two silkworms. When I put them on top of the two lingering munchers, the one caterpillar that had been checking out the apartments, came back down for a snack. All the others in the group are weaving or resting in their cocoons.

On the home front, the bulletin board has been re-set in it's new spot. The head of the neighborhood association has agreed for the neighborhood to pay for the work.

I say it is ridiculous that we pay for the Ku's poor planning ... or total lack of planning. I have talked with housewives in the area and they all think it is stupid the way the work is being done but no one ... including my husband, wants to rock the boat by objecting... or cause trouble for the association head.

Meanwhile, there is more trouble.

When the corner house was rebuilt, the city grabbed a meter of property from both the south side, causing the bulletin board incident, and another meter from the west side.

They paved a new section, removing the driveway entrance for the house and putting in a curb ... but, because the rest of the street is still the old width and the sewer is now a meter from the curb, the street became a lake. They had to come back and remove the street they put in and dig under the old street to add a length to the sewer. At this point it is raining and the new sewer sitting high above the street surrounded by curbs to the east and west.  A good example of the old saying, "Fail to plan, plan to fail". Of course the electric poles remain in the same location so the street is only a meter wider for a few meter's length.


  1. I wasn't sure about combination of lime green and purple but looks fine there. hope you have dry day tomorrow ☼

  2. Lovely backing, sorry the street is not so good as your quilting progress. Enjoy tomorrow, hugs from down in NZ

  3. The back looks great and makes for a two sided quilt. Leave it to you Julie to make purple and lime green totally work!! Glad you got your bulletin board back!

  4. I just had to draw myself a primitive colorwheel to see that yellow green and reddish purple are complimentary colors. It's all good. Sounds like classic Japanese street improvements. Only a couple more weeks of rainy season to go!

  5. Gorgeous backing. I love the color combination.

  6. The back is such fun....could easily be a front.

  7. I think the only people who work in government, are people that are too stupid to get jobs in the real world. It's the same all over the world.

  8. I think the backing is looking great. Smart thinking with your plans regarding the rain. That way you only have to use up one day.
    Love the ongoing saga of your street. I think we all end up having issues with government departments at some time. What next?