Friday, July 3, 2015

What's up?

Yesterday I left home at 1:pm with my bag filled with quilt top and backing, my sewing kit and big scissors, my basting thread, tape, and a big roll of thinsulate #60 batting.
I was able to tape the backing to the floor in the quiet fellowship hall and layer the batting and quilt top. I spent the afternoon until 6:30 (which is choir rehearsal time) on my elbows and knees, basting the quilt together.

When I turned it over to put it in my bag for the return trip. I noticed four or five places where the backing was not completely flat. Maybe I should have taken duct tape instead of what I had. In the past I have pin-basted first and checked the back for tucks but I was so sure this time the tape would hold the backing flat.

Sometimes I can work out minor glitches with the hoop while quilting so I will have to see. I sure would hate to have to take it all out and start over.

I am also thinking of how to quilt it. I am an in-the-ditch type of quilter and I had been thinking I might quilt the little patches on the diagonal this time. But, thinking it over, I would be working through a lot of seams and the stitches across the darker fabrics would show. I am also thinking that in-the-ditch would be more stable.

While I was out ... Mr. Dell did another up-date to my laptop. The minute I opened my laptop, I noticed the sign-in/password space had changed. And, when I plugged in my camera with pictures of the basted quilt ... the usual icon for downloading was gone. This is the same problem that happened a month or two ago. It drove me nuts for a week or so, and then righted itself. I really don't want to wait a week again but flinging my laptop across the room is not likely to help the situation.

A little notice in the upper corner of my screen is boasting that Mr Dell has upgraded my system on 6/2/15 and I can expect another in 6/9/15. By then I hope things will be fixed ... but I'm not holding my breath.

The last silkworm had crawled into an apartment by my return last night and was beginning to weave a cocoon. I am very happy I do not have to go out in the pouring rain to hunt fresh mulberry leaves.
The last cocoons are getting stronger as the weaving progresses and the quiet munching sounds are over. I can't remember how long they spend in their cocoons but the next sounds will be the fluttering of stubby wings.  Hopefully by then, a photo or two.... Mr.Dell willing.


  1. Sometimes Mr. Dell is a pain in the behind. :) blessings, marlene

  2. That's a long day of basting! With those little squares and all those seems I would say in the ditch is a good idea! Sorry about your computer hassles...

  3. Hope the "bumps" sort them selves out .... AND the computer too! I dread it when the updates come in as it always seems to upset things xx

  4. I hope everything gets fixed, love to see your photos of your work and the silkworms.


  5. Every time something like that (the wrinkles, for example) happens, I say "Sewing!" It seems to me that the essence of sewing is unsewing. I am amazed any time I actually finish a project. By the time I am done I feel sure that I have sewn enough for two projects. Lately you have had a lot of things happening that belong in the backward step category. At least the Sewing Glitch is normal. I always admire how much work you do in so many arenas. By the way, I love the back of your green and purple quilt. I did not notice any imbalance in the fabric placement, and I still can't see any imbalance even after you mention it! Love from your fan in California.

  6. That is a lot of time to be on the floor. Good luck sorting out the hiccups in the basting.
    You really do need a teenager living with you who can sort out computer problems in a flash!!
    And it sounds like the silkworms have been very happy and content with your care!

  7. I use Dell as well but never had that kind of issue. You spent a whole afternoon for basting. Bless your patience. Hope it alright.