Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Serious holes

In 1993, I made a quilt using a friendship star variation, and using a variety of plaid scraps. It was finished in August and named "Paul's Plaid Stars". It was presented to my husband on August 4th as a 30th year anniversary present.

As another anniversary nears, I am looking at this old quilt ... well used, but also chewed all over by Nikko. (The pink and blue clothes clips indicate all the areas that have been chewed)

Our queen-sized bed had a quilt made in 2001 that Nikko had chewed one hole in while I was away.
I was able to patch that hole with spare blocks, left over from when the quilt was made.

When we moved back to our small rabbit hutch, there was no room for that lovely big bed and the quilt went off to Oregon for one of my daughters to use. Paul got the small bedroom and I use a futon on the floor of the greenhouse.
Nikko sleeps on the landing outside Paul's door at the foot of the stairs to my "room". BUT ... you can see by the holes, when I am away, Nikki likes to sneak on to Paul's bed. That might be OK except Paul tends to go to bed around two or three or four AM and then sleep late. Nikko, like me, tends to go up to bed at ten PM after her evening walk and get up early. On days I am away, separation anxiety sets in ... papa is not responding ... and the quilt is chewed. "Please do not let Nikko on the bed", is heard but ... maybe thought ... well, just this once... and here it is, 11 holes later.

After having read Cheryl's  wonderful post about repairs she made to a dog-chewed quilt, I am wondering if I would have the patience to attempt these repairs. Somewhere in a small tin, I have spare blocks I did not use in the quilt. The border would need complete replacing as well. At any rate, it will not be something to present as a 52nd anniversary present. ( and will Nikko just wangle her way on to his bed and repeat the crime?)

Meanwhile, Ben's rainbow quilt is moving along nicely. So far the quilting lines up pretty well with the backing blocks. I have removed the basting as I reached the wrinkles and stretched and smoothed in the hoop.
I still have the tree skirt to work on and those two items will be going to the same home address so I should get them done together.

Also, I need to do a bit of work on a hanging that will advertise the Women's Conference. I am planning to make a pocket that can hang from the rod at the bottom edge to hold hand-outs giving details of next winter's gathering.

I guess that is enough to keep me busy while I am sitting with my foot elevated (ha ha).


  1. Such a lovely quilt, shame on Nikko! But more than 20 years of constant use isn't too "shabby!" I hope your foot is mending with no more challenges...

    1. Linda, Mr. Google is continually messing with my blog and the people I have been friends with longest and enjoy the most . Either I come up no-reply or they come up no-reply and your comment didn't even come into my in-box. (And it isn't just me because some bloggers have said the same about my comments)
      I continue to be impressed with all the activities you find to fill your retirement days,
      No grass growing under your feet!

  2. Knowing your skills Julie and having done repairs on my friend's quilt made in the 60's I'm wondering why you see this as such a big deal. It's well within the realms of your ability. Of course you could just make a new one...

  3. That is a beautiful quilt and i know you would be able to repair it.
    I tend to use mine and when they get older, the dog gets them and holes are a part of that;)


  4. Lovely quilt (despite being chewed). After you repair it, remember to take it off Paul's bed when you leave town, and put something 'less valuable' on the bed instead, just in case. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. I guess you will be busy while your foot is propped up. Hope that toe heals quickly. I've never had a broken bone before, only bad sprains.

  5. it shows many years of love and comfort .. maybe it should just be her quilt to love while you are away and a new one .. for the next 20 years of wear made xx

  6. Congratulations on your anniversary! I love the story of this quilt. The holes or future repairs you make are part of the tale of this beloved quilt. If you want to repair it easily, maybe you could just cut off the strip that's been chewed and put on a new binding there. The quilt would be a little smaller, but doesn't everything get smaller as we age?

  7. 52 years coming up, we were at the "53rd" level this year. What a challenge, but with your hand skills, nothing is impossible. Maybe a really old blanket for the times you are away!!! Lovely design, After hanging my fabrics on the fence down here, I truly appreciate all your efforts when cycling out, with quilt, ladder and pegs, to get your quilt on a fence and photos taken. Take care with your foot, I do hope you, as I hope Hugh will... OBEY doctor's orders. Hugs and love.

  8. You are amazingly good-natured about the dog chewing your beautiful quilt! I am not sure I could be so calm about it. Good for you.
    I hope the foot is healing well!

  9. Wow - big project to fix the quilt Hope your foot rests well as you spend time stitching. Take care my friend.

  10. Oh wow that's a very well chewed quilt all right. Hope you can mend it and your foot.

  11. Daisy has eaten several dog beds, several down pillows, some interior car parts, etc. The day she hurts a quilt will be the day I TRY to emulate your generous attitude about it! I agree with nifty quilts - the holes and repairs add to the story- and she has a good practical idea too about an easy repair;).

  12. It's a lovely quilt, Julie ! We especially love the great red and blue shades, and the geometric Friendship Star pattern, all of which go great with many different decors. But....we are bemused by gorgeous Nikko, who sits there, nonchalant and innocent, as if to say..."Whooo, me? I chewed those holes in that quilt ? Moi ? I'm too beautiful to do that......" LOL.
    And on a more serious note, we do hope that your foot is healing, and that you are resting well and keeping it elevated. This is a good time for quiet activities, so we know that this Friendship Star quilt will soon look as good as new. Happy Anniversary ! Blessings, from Marina and Daryl

  13. I am making that same quilt! In different fabric, that is. My son also has a WGSD. Her name is Evora. They still live with us. He's 22 and she's 1.5yrs old. You need a Singer 221 Featherweight. There's is always room for one of those. Very popular with RVers.

  14. Such a shame about the quilt but you must admit that Nikko has left his mark for posterity. My cats pee on my quilts when they don't get what they want.