Friday, September 11, 2015

Home in the choir room

Last night the cushion  went with me to choir practice.

It passed the sit test.
Yes, I could actually sit during the practice and concentrate on my singing rather than my sitting.

The choir librarian laughed at the 21 quilted into the center square. Before she passes out the music, she pulls out the 21 and hands it to me.

The sopranos just couldn't figure out why I am so fixated on #21. I showed them a copy of my music with the tenor part highlighted with side notes ... turn quickly  ... and watch here.

And, here is a view of the back side. The zipper is installed just above the keyboard print.

Behind the chair is another family member.

I am not a pianist, but the very first thing I saved for after coming to Japan was a used piano, setting aside one thousand yen from my English teaching each week.

That piano lasted a long time including a trip to the states and back.  When it began to have issues, I traded it in on another piano ... a bit newer, German but assembled in Japan.

When we moved back to our small house, there was no wall space for it to live. I decided rather than trying to sell it, I would donate it to the church. The lady who kept the piano tuned twice a year, went to our church and tested all the pianos they had. It was determined this was better than all the others and it went to the choir room. Now I get to see and hear it twice a week. I miss having a piano at home but I am happy that it is appreciated and used more than I ever would have. I wonder if the cushion and piano are comparing notes when no one is around....

Tonight Cub Pack 51 meets to start our new season. Games are ready to go. am I??? That is to be seen.


  1. I am gradually catching up on your recent posts. Love the idea of your cushion and am pleased that it has made your time at choir far more enjoyable - especially as number 21.
    I am saddened by the reports we are seeing on the news of the flooding and devastation in many areas. It is good to read that you are in a safe area.
    I hope your cub evening went well, regardless of the weather.

  2. Love both sides of the pillow especially how you included the "21".
    Hope the storms weren't too bad and you are enjoying a better day.

  3. Wow Julie that cushion is really sharp against the new white chair. I didn't know your piano story. It's amazing how they are moved in Japan. Keep dry!

  4. Great cushion, both sides. Hope you are drying out and staying safe from the flooding in Japan.

  5. Your cushion is lovely. The back is good too. Your piano traveled a lot but seems very happy in the place.