Tuesday, September 22, 2015

small stuff

Well, I spent some time chopping up bits and pieces of left-overs that were really too small to put back into the color bins.

I have a tin of pieces marked for four inch, three inch, two inch, and then one inch squares (my largest box at the back) and one inch strips cut into two, three, four, and five inch pieces. I have no plans as yet for using them. The rainbow quilt relieved the crowd in my one-inch box somewhat but what I added was only a small amount.

The other day I pulled out some scraps to make a pouch to hold my cell phone.

I have severe phone-phobia and tend to leave the phone at home more than I take it with me. I hate to have it ringing at inconvenient times, interrupting what I am doing, but there are times I really need to call home with a change of plans.

This owl will take care of the phone and I can hang it on the outside of my bag so I don't have to search everywhere for it.

I really had no idea what I was doing and there was probably an easier way, but it didn't take long and it works.

I had been to a show of vendors and seen several cute phone holders ... a bear and a dog. Well, why not try an owl ... my go to helper?

Here he is, hanging on my bag between the little pockets.

If I put the phone in bottom up, I can just plug in the charger without even removing it from the bag so am less likely to leave home without it.

I put a snap under the beak and the cord can be put over the strap and the owl pouch slipped through ... no fancy attachments, just stuff from my sewing box.

Though the weather is still hot and muggy, the first signs of fall are upon us.

This is my front door behind the opened gate and where the pineapple lily bloomed the last month, the spider lilies have begun to welcome the coming fall.

"Higan-bana" supposedly welcome the autumnal equinox.
Since that is coming soon,they are pretty well in time.

I have some planted on both the east and west sides of the house . They come up quietly before the leaves appear and suddenly burst into color.

One of my neighbors has white ones in a pot but I love the red and they are especially beautiful to see along the tree lines at the edge of the fields.

Happy equinox to all!


  1. Great owl pouch. You should be able to set your phone to silent/vibrate, so it doesn't ring in the wrong places. I do this at church, and other places.

  2. I love your owl pouch, that is so cute and a nice look. I need to make a new phone pouch, I usually punch mine or needle felted which makes it more cushy. The new phone is larger than the old one I had but I did get a nice case with it. I need to make something that i can carry with my mini camera when we are walking around and I want to take shots. Your gardens are beautiful, I need to decorate my porch, looking sad.


  3. love the owl, and wisely, he will take care of your phone. The lilies, delicate and a beautiful colour.

  4. Love all the flowers - the spider lilies are wonderful. And the owl bag is perfect for your phone. You are just so clever.

  5. Nature has so many wonderful colour combinations I wonder why we worry about which ones "go" xx Love your little owl xwell done x

  6. Julie, your owl cell phone holder is really adorable ! Very creative, with a darling face. What a great idea. And the higan-bana flowers are fabulous. What a luscious, rich coral color ! We love the look of your garden, which appears to be really thriving in all the humidity. (However, we too are tired of the hot weather and are looking forward to cooler days). :-) Blessings to you, from Marina and Daryl

  7. I think I have never seen spider lilies in a pot. Very superstitious Japanese here :) When I came to Ireland and first time I saw the pink ones, I was shocked to see them in such colour but turned out they are not spider lilies some south African cousins, Nerine.
    I like your little owl. Very very cute!

  8. Your phone pouch is lovely and very practical. You are not alone with your feelings regarding phones. Yes, they are handy, but most of the time a big nuisance.