Friday, April 22, 2016

Progress on the fence.

Here is a picture of the progress so far, taken on Nikko's morning walk through the park on a cloudy morning. This morning I finished stitching the final light sashing. Now I will have to audition something for the outer border. I am hoping there will be something suitable in my stash.

I am thinking of something only slightly darker than the light sashing. The size at this point is 58.5 x 76.5 . Maybe the border should be just three or four inches wide ... enough for a frame. (I am open to suggestions as this is a plan-as-you-go quilt.)

I have managed to put a small dent in my one-inch stash ... the lid now shuts on the box. The two-inch box has hardly changed.

In the morning light, the variety of shades of muslin show up more than pictures taken in the sun or with a flash. It bothered me while sewing the blocks but not so much now. Maybe I am just used to the variety.  Though I am not ready to quilt it yet, I am wondering what the pattern should be. I usually just quilt in the ditch and then fill in any larger spaces. In the ditch might be stronger for all those tiny pieces.

At any rate, this will no longer be take-along work. Guess it is time to dig through my kid-friendly prints and figure out plans for another baby quilt for another church family. .... and maybe clean up the thousands of little threads sticking to the carpet, furniture, and even my clothes. I think those orts are competing with Nikko's hair in a take-over of my world.


  1. Ho Julie !!! I love your fence quilt, the colors are so sweet !!! and by the way, you make me think that I would have to start on the quilting of my flower quit ...
    Wishing you and your beloved family a nice week-end.

  2. The colors are beautiful! The variety of muslins give it a custom handmade look. What a lovely 9-patch design! Happy weekend from Marina & Daryl at Q.I.

  3. That looks lovely. Simple quilting is better with it. I look forward to your next project.

  4. I love the many shades of white to balance the coloured pieces.. If I were you, I'd first think of the bed where the quilt will be laid out and then decide how wide a border I'd need.
    Isn't it nice to see a dent in the stash? So the next quilt will be a two-inch piece baby quilt?

  5. I love how your quilt came out and the borders really set it off nicely.


  6. Your pattern is one of my favourites, especially for using up my stash. I love your comment "the lid now shuts on the box". You feel great satisfaction when you can see the stash getting smaller.

  7. This is looking wonderful and has grown to quite a good size. Great progress.

  8. Such a great scrap quilt, and the variety of muslins is fine. I think you have a good idea about a subtle border. I am amazed at all you get done! Wish I could see it in person - miss you.

  9. Oh! It is so beautiful! The colors just make it sparkle! I've been missing out on your wonderful handwork and come home to find you with this piece of art! Fantastic!