Thursday, April 14, 2016

Passing the test

I could not figure out the math to go with the borders. I just thought some of those smaller 9-patches set on point would look interesting.

I added the light blue print to separate the border a bit and will put another strip around the outside.
I like it because it can be pieced without much notice as to where the seams lie and it is neither too dark or too light.

Now that I know how many blocks to join for the top and bottom borders, I am working on the second one. They don't any touch in the same place which bothers me a little but to do that I would have had to cut different size squares and my goal was to use some of what I had already marked and cut filling my tin.

I am hoping that the side borders will work out to the right size too.

When I began this, the Celebrate Hand Quilting site was having a 9-patch challenge. I think they may have all moved on long ago as I have not seen any nine-patch posts of late.
Anyway, I am glad to have this quilt getting a bit bigger. I have not spent much time going through stash but I am thinking I might like to see an outer border ... maybe in a bit darker blue floral or all-over print and a light blue binding. I am happy to see this getting closer to single bed size. The different shades of white don't seem to make as much of a problem as I had imagined either.

Best wishes from a sunny but very blustery Tokyo!


  1. I like it all, and a darker blue final border would be great. Do you do your binding all by hand too? Hope you are safe further north than the big earthquakes today. Hugs from NZ.

  2. lol .. who needs maths when you can just wing it! lol x it looks wonderful so bright and cheerful x

  3. I think the different shades of white add to the charm of this scrappy quilt. Good to use the light blue binding and skip calculations. An outer border in a dark shade will frame the quilt beautifully.
    Happy quilting.

  4. I like the way the border is looking and I think the softer blue serves as a great separation.
    It is looking wonderful!

  5. I love scrap quilts, the colours are wonderful. I like the softer blue in the border, perhaps a darker blue may take the eye away from all the other colours. Stay safe.

    1. Thanks. And I agree that the outer border should not be too much darker than the thin border. I will have to check my stash when the other borders are on.

  6. Heard about the earthquakes. Hope you are safe. The quilt is shaping up nicely.

  7. Love all the different fabrics you used in it, it is a beautiful quilt. Saw you had earthquakes in Japan, hope they didn't effect you.


  8. Gorgeous and cheerful scrappy quilt! They are my favorite. They seem to take on their own personality as the scraps are sewn together.

  9. Beautiful!! I remember you being worried about the various shades of white but I think they really make the quilt sparkle. I'm not good at "border math" either so I admire your ability to make them fit. If you have trouble with the sides coming out right, you could try to make the corners work and "fudge" it in the middle of each side - then call it a "design element" and pretend that you planned it that way all along - ;))

  10. I like how the borders are coming along. I didn't notice them not touching at similar points until you mentioned it - so all is good. I think nine patch is one of my favorite designs.

  11. This one is growing for sure. Lovely colour placement too.