Wednesday, June 1, 2016

an early morning quickie

While there is a brief internet connection, I thought I would post a bit of my latest project.

Sunday afternoon I went through my kid-friendly bin and pulled out an alphabet worth of prints.

Some of the letters have become harder and harder to illustrate.

The "K" is kanji, the "Y" is yacht.
I used to have a cat print with yarn on it but couldn't find any left.

There are two empty squares at the bottom and I am thinking of something scouting, as this quilt is for the coming baby son of my right-hand scouting assistant.

Monday night I started cutting the pieces for the letter blocks for take-along work. (Long train rides)

Tuesday I finished making the letter squares. They are solids with gingham corner points.

Then Yesterday I laid the alphabet prints out on the bed and arranged the letter blocks for a bit of balance ... and marked each one with the letter and suggested color. Then I started on the letters.

I am now about half-way through sewing letters.

I was going to make the letters solid colors but I found a few small prints that work.

Maybe I have wasted time looking through scraps of small kid-friendly prints because today I will probably have to switch to solid colors.

Each block is five inches finished so this will not be a single bed-size quilt but I think it will be good for a crib or play mat ... or something to toss over a sleeping baby. I plan to add a few borders before it will go to the hoop.

I left the finished I-Spy quilt at the church office in case the mother goes there, then she can pick it up. If not, I will look for her again this coming Sunday. I didn't want to carry that bag back and forth on a crowded train. Even if I get to sit, I can't sew with lots of bags in my lap. Tuesday, though I got a seat, I ended up giving it away to an old man. I was still able to stand leaning against the connecting door (no one is going to pass through the cars when it is that crowded) and sew three blocks on the homeward trip.

Today's train rides will be good for sewing blocks together. Maybe I should be happy that the internet is still mostly off, as other things are getting done. I really miss getting the chance to browse my favorite blogs. Hopefully, before the end of the month, the internet people will get around to restoring my connectivity.


  1. That is the perfect touch and fun to use prints too.


  2. You have made a very quick start to this new quilt. The letters are a lovely touch!

  3. That might be an early morning quickie POST, but you are also so QUICK in the actual piecing work. Didn't you just finish the I-Spy quilt? Now you are already well ahead with this charming one. I take my hat off to you for being able to stitch on the train - while standing up!!! You are a quilt magician!

  4. Looks like you are getting lots done on this baby quilt.

  5. You have a great way of using up your fabric scraps. You are certainly quick and speedy with your projects.

  6. Hi Julie, so happy you have an Internet connection...and can discover your new is looking so simpatic and you work so quickly !!! I think if I were living close to you, I will do more quilt :)
    Have a wonderful week-end with your family,

  7. Julie, it is amazing to be able to do patchwork piecing standing up on the train! We know you are in great condition and very agile, but we think it would be nice if other passengers would stand up and allow you to sit down. We're always grateful when someone does that for us.
    Thinking positive thoughts that you will soon have full-time internet access. And the alphabet quilt has such cute fabric! Blessings to you, from Marina and Daryl

  8. It is amazing, all you get done, quilting by hand. I hate thinking of you not getting a seat on the train. As polite and wonderful as Japanese society is... there are some "gaps" for sure!