Friday, May 27, 2016

All done!

Finished Friday night and the label added this morning. I was hoping for a bit of sun for a more colourful picture but since rain is predicted, I thought it would be better to grab a shot while I could and pass the quilt to the new owner on Sunday.

I never know if or how a quilt is used when it leaves my hands. It is said the most valuable thing a parent can give their child is words. Well, this quilt is full of words. Since I was a non-napper as a child, I would have loved napping on a quilt like this ... counting cats, finding matching fabrics, following the stitches with my finger ... I do hope it will find a use in it's new home.

Looking back, I remember how many times I have finished a hexagon quilt and said "Never again"!
Figuring out which way to iron all those seams and then quilting through them is a challenge.
Looking back, I wish I had turned the wave pattern to face the inner border rather than the outer edge.
Anyway, it is done and I gave it my best shot.

I had used the last of my thinsulate, and having several more quilts lined up, my daughter gave a call to the Yuzawaya in Kamata to see if they had a supply in stock. They said they had plenty, so yesterday I made the long trip through town to pick up a few rolls. Since it involved a long walk, I made it worth my while by buying two rolls of the 60-weight and one of the 40-weight. I think there are ten meters on a blot so they should last a while.

Made by 3M, it is probably intended for clothing but it is easy to piece, slightly tacky in texture so does not shift ... even basted with pins, and nice to quilt through. Even the 40 weight has a nice loft.
I also like the fact that there is hardly any waste the way I use it.

Today I will pull out my kid-friendly bin and pull out fabrics for an alphabet quilt for the next baby on my list.... and my second daughter also reminds me she is still waiting for her tissue box cover.

Meanwhile, the cacti are putting on a show.
If I don't look each day, I will miss these beauties.

Buds in the background so more to come.

And here is a bit of competition on another step.

And this sweet little guy puts out a lovely show every year.

And these flowers last more than a day so I don't miss them.

Maybe that is why it is such a favourite.

And out in the rain, the Easter cactus has finally figured out it is a bit past time for a show.

I have another small one hanging outside my front door and I see it is also in bloom.

These sit outside all year long and don't seem to mind the winter cold or even a day or two of snow.

Next will be the prickly pear...
But that one most often blooms during my week at Scout camp.

I don't think I will put that big spiny fellow in my car and take it along just so I can catch a picture.  Well, this is the return I get for selecting plants that don't mind heat or cold and thrive on neglect!

Tomorrow is "Choir Sunday" my voice has returned from the woods and I will not mind if it is raining because all our hard work will come to fruition and be given in joy.


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  2. It is such a beautiful quilt and filled with LOVE. Actually I got a photo today of a quilt I made some 9 years ago, and it is still being used by the young owner. Now it is too small for him to use as a bed quilt but can be used for playing on. I am sure that all the baby quilts we give away are used lovingly.
    Fantastic cacti show!

  3. Nice quilt! Congratulations on the finish.

  4. I am always amazed at your creations! Congratulations and thank you for taking a photo before you give it away. The recipients are very lucky!

  5. Congratulations Julie, you just finished a very nice colorful quilt made with Love.
    The cacti are flowers very interesting : I like them.
    Wishing you a lovely Sunday,

  6. It's a lovely quilt. I am sure it will be loved and enjoyed. Beautiful cacti too. My Christmas cacti is holding on to buds. I don't know when they open.

  7. Those "I Spy" hexagon quilts give children ( and adults!) so many hours of fun and discovery. We don't think that one can ever get tired of looking at a quilt like that.
    The cactus flowers are so ethereal and so lovely ! We have one of those Easter cacti, and every year like clockwork, it produces gorgeous pale pink flowers that look so exotic. :-)
    Blessings and best wishes, from Marina and Daryl

  8. Hi Julie, the quikt is gorgeous! I live Christmas cactus very much. Hugs, Sandra

  9. Hi Julie, the quikt is gorgeous! I live Christmas cactus very much. Hugs, Sandra

  10. This is a wonderful finish. I do like the way your quilts come together. It is a gorgeous gift.
    Lovely to see your plants flourishing with the kinder weather.

  11. Beautiful and educational! A gift that will be cherish for a lifetime.
    Your cactus look wonderful. I can't get over the blooms. They are gorgeous.

  12. You sure did that in short time! And it was worth all the effort! On snowbound days I get more done too but recently I seem to only spend about half an hour quilting. And I was hoping for some slow life!