Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Progress on the door

Well, the I-Spy quilt is slowly moving along.

Yesterday I sewed the five rows together.

Now I have to resolve the odd edges.
They will all end with stars so that means I will 60+ little triangles to draw on to the yellow fabric and cut out.

Then I will have to decide on what to use for the borders. At this point the size is about 40" x 42".

I think it will be about 44" square by the time I get the inner edge done, then a small sashing and a wider border ... not yet selected from my stash.

I have about 48 hexagons left from those I started with so I could add more, though most of those are fabrics I have already used ... some more than once as you might be able to see. I had been trying to keep a reasonable balance of color and repeats.

Norie and Leia came on Friday night and we had an early mother's day on Saturday.

Leia found a pattern for a parachute in one of my craft books and we hunted up the various components to make it.

She sewed a little drawstring bag of fabric and stuffed it with beans and wadding, decorated a cut plastic bag with markers, and fixed carefully measured and cut string to each point.

We took it outside to try out. Tossed it from the neighboring walk-up, the top of the slide in the park, rescued it from tree branches, and...

... Just as Leia was running to catch it at about knee high off the ground, it began to rise.

First we were afraid it would be caught in the tree but it cleared the tree tops and kept climbing and moving to the northwest.

Just as it neared an apartment building across the street, it rose higher and sailed above the buildings.

We dashed to the back street but it had not come down anywhere we could see ... and in fact, though I have kept my eyes open, it has not appeared in any of the trees or balconies in the direction it took off in.

We did make another one ... that one too rescued from a tree by Leia who shinnied right up to the top while I held my breath and wondered if I would be able to catch her should she fall...
For good measure, I suggested she fold it up and take it home and find a larger space to play with it.
Keep looking up ... you may see that first one on it's continuing adventure.


  1. Happy Mother's Day Mom! Love the quilt and the pictures of Leia with parachute! Glad you had a good one. Irene celebrated with extra snuggles!

  2. Happy Mother's Day, Julie! - Your "I Spy" is spectacular and I will keep a look-out for Leia's awesome parachute - ;))

  3. Oh, look, something comes sailing past my window, isn't it a awesome handmade parachute from Nerima?!
    Your I-Spy quilt is coming along nicely. It's good to have the same fabric in several blocks as you can make it into a I-Hunt quilt.

  4. Your quilt is coming along nicely Julie !!! and what a nice parachute for your little girl and how sweet she is :)
    Have a wonderful day !

  5. Love the quilt, I think a narrow edging then a wider border, and naturally I think blue!!! That parachute, sadly not coming in our direction down here, what a great pattern, and Leia, you are a genius to have this all sorted out. We have rain and wind, a wonderful day to be inside and sew.!!!

  6. The quilt looks beautiful together and so much beautiful work.
    I remember making the parachutes when we were little, a fun activity to do ourselves and play outside with.


  7. Well done on the parachute Leia, We never got any of ours to be that successful!
    Sandy in the UK

  8. Your quilt is growing well and looking great.
    I think having visitors and playing with parachutes is a perfect way to have an early Mother's day.

  9. How fun! Leia is probably a great tree climber! I remember climbing trees and when I look at the trees I climbed I wonder why my mother gave me permission... Now where could Leia's parachute have gone to?

  10. HI Julie, what a fun project! We know that Leia had a fabulous time with the parachute. And your "I Spy" quilt is really wonderful. That will provide so many happy hours of entertainment.
    Take care, and have a wonderful week, with best wishes, from Marina and Daryl

  11. The parachute - amazing! Making wonderful memories with Leia.

  12. What a fun time you all had. I wonder what adventures the parachute is having flying through the neighbourhood. Perhaps it will give pleasure to whoever will find it, they will relaunch it and then the next person can do the same...and so on. Love your quilt Julie, happy bright colours.

  13. Love love love the quilt. And what a fun parachute - even if it did fly away. It would be fun to watch it - and I wonder where it will finally land. Too bad you didn't put a phone number on it - someone might find it and call to tell you where it landed.