Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It's in the hoop!

No internet connection for nearly a week means more quilting.

The lighting wasn't very good on the fence when I went out to get a picture, but this is what the I-Spy quilt is looking like ... only much brighter.

Last Friday I had my Cub Scout meeting followed by a trip to camp for an "OA" weekend. OA is Order of the Arrow and it was my duty to do the "Brotherhood walk" (The last step for those completing the level of Brotherhood after being an "Ordeal member for almost a year)

I take the candidates through a back trail that is never used and most know nothing about, and deliver them to the area of the ceremonial fire. Luckily, I checked out the trail earlier in the day because a large tree had fallen across the trail. It was way too large to be moved so I returned to the quartermaster in the main area to pick up a saw and some shears and hiked back out to clear the trail enough to crawl under the tree.

Since I had to attend an early choir practice on Sunday, I returned home late Saturday night. There was still no internet connection. In fact, the neighbor, whose internet I borrow, seems to have been away all week ... so no connection.

I was out Monday for school and Tuesday for another scheduled activity, but there was still no connection whenever I checked. Just as I was about to take the dog on her evening trip and go to bed, I heard the neighbor's door shut so I opened my laptop to see if  the service had returned with him. Sure enough, weak but there. Now it is well past my bedtime and, though I wish I could check out all the blog-hopping I have missed, I really need to hit the sack.
Hopefully there will still be connections tomorrow ... well, actually it IS tomorrow right now!

The internet company will come on Friday to restore my telephone line. Though they claimed I could not have my former phone number back, my son-in-law had negotiated with them to restore it. We shall see .... As to the internet, it will take until the middle of June to get that back. I honestly can't see why they could turn off the connections because they were in my husband's name and couldn't just switch names instead of starting all over from scratch. After all, the cable and modem are still in place. For a country where service is always so quick and accommodating, this is certainly not what anyone would expect.

So ... the quilt is moving through the hoop. Quilting in the ditch is about all that is needed and I will use a wave pattern for the outer border. From Friday evening I will be back at camp for a Cub Camp where I am in charge of the nature walk.  ... and I have promised my Pack I will bring my box oven so we can bake a cake for dessert Saturday evening. No internet on weekends anyway ....


  1. VERY NICE!! I like how the darker blue makes the gold triangles look like star points - very clever!! And I hear you on the name change - I had the same problem when my husband died - switched one - got a bill for a month and a half in my name and a credit for half a month in his name. I asked them to just credit "my" account and they said they couldn't do that - so I had to wait two months for them to issue a refund check to my dead husband. By that time I had taken his name off all of the accounts. And it seems to me that if I was trying to be "nasty" that I would want to change the name on the account from mine to his - to stick him with the bill - not the other way around. So dumb - ;))

  2. Your quilt is so colorful!! Somebody special will be lucky to get this!! I would have trouble not having internet for that long. I have gotten along for a week or so, with a cable company glitch. That seems like a long time to be without connections. Your quilting time will increase!! You are so busy, with the scouts. I love to volunteer with kids---you always get such happy times with them.

  3. Julie there is no end to what you are capable of and to your reach across miles and generations- teaching all of these scouts over the years! Quilt looks good! Sorry for your problems with the "system" (or lack thereof)

  4. I love how the quilt looks and the shade shows off the colors better. You amaze me with all you do for others, including cutting down a tree if need be, lol. I hope they get your connection going again. We just had to buy a new box, seems they get outdated and we have to buy them now.


  5. You are trulyamazing, love that quilt, the setting on a fence, and all this with no internet. Enjoy the camp, I'm sure you put quality time ahead of any thoughts for yourself in all of this. Hugs from NZ.

  6. The border fabric is just perfect for the quilt, and with no internet you'll have the I-spy quilted in no time.
    How frustrating to be without internet! Luckily you have a very active life outside of your home!
    Keep going, Julie!

  7. Julie, I love your quilt : it is so colorful....and now that it is in the hoop.....many pleasant quilting moments :)
    Hope your Internet conncection works better :)
    Happy quilting, Julie !

  8. isn't it a pain to have to try and deal with these companies.. hope it is all sorted out OK xx Love the way the quilt is coming along x

  9. The quilt is looking wonderful. I am looking forward to your pictures when you take them in the sunshine.
    What a fuss with your phone and internet. Red tape all the way!

  10. My grandmother never told any companies that my grandfather died. It was easier to just pay the bills under his name, than try to switch anything to her name. At least half our bills/credit is in my name (I had more credit when we got married than hubby).

  11. Hello Julie,
    You continue to amaze me with all your activities and how you do not let a small (BIG), problem like no internet keep you from doing other things. I love the way you tell your stories and admire your work with the scouts. They are super lucky to have you in their lives. Keep inspiring me to complain less and find other ways to overcome small problems.

  12. I am amazed at how many problems you are having to get your internet connection back. It seems to me that that would be a problem that could be, had to be, solved within hours. I mean there are people who make their livelihood needing internet connection! Even I would be screaming for it within a day (oh how dependent we become on things). Maybe you are just too nice and no one is jumping through hoops for you.