Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Complaining fingers

Can you hear it ?

My middle finger has a hole in the nail and is crying loudly "PLEASE GET THE INTERNET CONNECTIONS BACK!!!!"

I have tried a metal thimble but that only serves to avoid using that finger entirely (making my index finger complain ... with holes in the pad)

The leather thimble works OK but it falls off between every stitch.

The rubber thimble is most comfortable but it is made more for gripping the needle than protecting the finger.    At any rate, without much reliable connectivity, a lot of the border is getting finished.

I am on the third border now and about to mark the last side in case I have some extra time before choir tonight.

I will probably just use the little rubber thimble. Once the needle pokes through the nail and makes a hole, the needle seems to find that spot over and over again. It not only un-threads the needle in the process but it really hurts. (and no bleeding allowed on the quilt so delays the progress)

Though rain is in tomorrow's forecast, today is a lovely day.

I will get a daughter-fix.

See an art show.

And, I am already enjoying these fox-gloves that were given to me for mother's day a number of years ago by my granddaughter.

The telephone was re-connected last Friday.
So far, two calls from my daughter and one that didn't speak English.

Next month sometime, the internet may return. It will be nice to do my browsing on my own time rather than rush to the laptop when I hear the neighbor's door close. Hope to see you all soon.


  1. It really does show how much we have come to rely on technology. And enjoy it. Great that you have done a lot of work on your quilt, bush a shame about your finger/nail. That is painful. I have sometimes resorted to wrapping layers of masking tape around my finger and that has worked for a time. I am not sure what other ideas would be helpful.
    Enjoy a lovely day with your daughter.

  2. Enjoy Mum and Daughter time, let that finger have a rest, and beautiful quilt and flowers, the border frames it so well. hugs from a colder and lots wetter NZ.

  3. Sorry about the nail. I can't use a thimble very well.

  4. I know that feeling, I am brutal on my fingers, lol.
    I finally got some finger protection, I wear a colonial thimble pad for my pushing finger and a thimble it for the underneath finger and they are so much easier to use than thimbles for me. The plastic thimble it keeps me from getting poked and the pad is nice for pushing the needle though without punching the eye through that finger;)


  5. Poor fingers! Finding a thimble or other protection that works is very individual. I find I often need to remove the thimble to air the skin.
    I hope your internet connection is soon back!

  6. You must work very very hard. I don't like using thimbles and when I hand sew my middle finger on the right and index finger on the left gets stabbed a lot. Hope you get connection back soon :)