Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Tokyo Dome show has begun!

Prepare for a string of posts .....

I would not have thought of attending that big quilt show on the opening day. I knew there would be thousands of people cramming every open space ... BUT ... Quilting has as much to do with friends as it does with quilts.

Long ago I joined a group of quilters .. The Tokyo International Quilters ... it was in the days of many ex-pats temporarily assigned to Tokyo and it was a group of the revolving door. We celebrated new members coming in and were saddened by their departure. I think the average assignment was about three years but there were always members coming and going.

Yesterday, my trip to the show was focused on a visit with a former member, now from Texas. Ah, how the years flew away, and we were back to those good old days. Another long-term member, Kuraishi-sensei, set up the meeting over lunch in the coffee shop ... ah, friendship and coffee ... what could be better?

It was a good thing I left home early because though the line to buy tickets was short, the line to get into the stadium went almost the entire way around the building. It must have taken close to an hour to get in, but a lucky thing is that quilters are friendly and I could get to visit with those in line (even in my miserable Japanese).

 After lunch, the three of us wandered around the show, looking at interesting areas that Sensei lead us to and gave an insider's view.

Our last visit was to the partnership quilt #8, where I got to see my Ohio cardinal guarding his nest at the top of the quilt.

Even though the blocks were made smaller this year, there were still 60 finished quilts.

A number had blocks that were all the same except for fabric choices.

I think the quilter that joins with NHK on this activity, issues a selection of patterns for those who need an idea.

After looking at many of the quilts, it seems this one containing my block got the most creative donations.

Next to Mr. cardinal is a patterned block

but those surrounding ones are original ideas of the quilters.

Panda with bamboo (it may be a tree of life for the panda, but bamboo is a grass)

The woodpecker...

This rabbit by the stump gazing at the sprout coming from that stump and the roots below...

And, how about these trees?

Or the squirrel gathering acorns?

A tree with a swing

a Twitter shaped bird ...

a pink squirrel ...

There were lots of apples but this one was made of hexagons.

These cats were so cute framing that sprout.

More creative apples and trees.

That one on the bottom has a tree house at the top of the ladder.

There were a few of these cat blocks that had been arranged in circles on a few quilts.

The giraffe is one of a kind

not sure about the footprint ...

I have to admit, though I hardly ever win anything... I had to buy a raffle ticket for this one. And my friend, Linda bought one too.

My usual camera suddenly stopped working after the snow day and the alternative camera battery was not charged and soon gave up.

Saturday will be another chance. Along with the friendship worth cancelling my english class, I will get another chance at picture taking.

This year the contest quilts all included names in English, but alas, the other exhibits of traditional, Wa, Original design etc. were not translated. All I got for many years of filling out those questionnaires, was a pile of postcards advertising the show.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful show and loved seeing the quilt you helped to make, so many beautiful and creative blocks.
    I hope you can get lots of photos, love seeing the quilts from your area.


  2. Have I added this up correctly? 60 partnership quilts? about 150 plus blocks in this one, and the detail is outstanding. To see your cardinal is extra special.

  3. I went to Google, and found the page where the quilts were being assembled. 9141 blocks all together, and YES, 60 quilts, this is amazing.

  4. Julie, I am very excited waiting to see your Quilt Festival posts, say hello to Tanya and Carin for me please....see you next year!!!

  5. So you beat us to it! Great to have a pre-look at what is in stall for us tomorrow. I hope you will have no camera problems and can take lots of photos. There are so many quilters around the world that love visiting the show through blog photos.

  6. Fun blocks in those quilts. Keep filling out the questionnaires. Hey, they got part of it translated. With more work, they might get the rest translated. Have fun Saturday.

  7. Hi Julie, thank you for sharing this amuzing quilt with us many funny blocks !! I think you spent a wonderful time with Carrin and Tanya at this Festival : it must habe been really a pleasure to walk around this dome :)
    Have a lovely day,

  8. Wow! What a fabulous quilt! I was thinking the footprint look like the maker might be saying 'lucky foot' with the four-leaf clover above it.