Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Taking a bit of "down time"

It's cold out here, Mom, could you step out and remove the ice from my drink? Pretty please?

A few years ago, our choir-room chairs were changed from folding ones to some rigid stacking ones.

At that time, the shape of the raised ridge along the front, hit my legs at a place that made it hard for me to sit longer than five or so minutes. To fix the problem, I made a cushion for my chair.

Ever since then, the choir president has been asking, "Where is my cushion?"

Finally I asked her what colors she wanted, and I have to say, fuchsia and yellow were not easy to find among music prints.

Last Wednesday I finished the assembling and embroidered her initial in the center, and passed the cushion to her during the Thursday evening practice.

As she and her husband are both string players, I thought this bit of fabric worked well for the backing.

I think she took it home rather than placed it on her choir chair, but she was happy and said she was only joking about getting one.

This sixteen inch "Swoon" block I found on several blogs long ago and made a sketch on graph paper so the pattern was easy to draft.

There are a lot of set-in seams which take time and patience and the zipper was set in by hand.

The weekend included the Women's Conference, and with snow still falling on Friday morning, we took the train instead of driving. Too bad I had not prepared handwork for the train because the ride was long. Unfortunately, my sore throat turned into a cough and my voice was rather shot.

I started my regular week with onigiri delivery and school but now I am taking some down time, hoping my voice will recover in time for the Saturday valentine concert. I tried singing along with yutube and can get all my notes but the trick will be not to break into coughing.

I have yet to post on the Tokyo Dome show but both Tanya and Carin have made a number of lovely posts. I am thinking of going to their posts and eliminating duplicate pictures from my camera to see what I might have beyond what they have shown. For me, there is still the challenge of giving credit to those creative quilters whose names were printed only in Kanji. Only the "Teacher's" quilts had Roman letters included. This year I did not bother to fill out a questionnaire, as it appears  it is never read other than to get your address for sending you advertisements.


  1. The cushion is truly beautiful, the piping, and then " The Initial". Wow, a gift to treasure, no wonder it went home. Hope your throat gets back to 100% very soon, Hugs of healing coming your way.

  2. So clever and thoughtful of you, Julie ! Your choir president is Lucky :D

    Yes it's very cold outside here, as well, with heavy snow. Better stay warm Inside and quietly handstitching.Thank God we ave that !

    XOXOOXOXO Nadine

  3. Your cushion is really beautiful and inmediately I showed it to my Dh .... he loves playing guitar !!
    I hope your recover a fine throat very soon :) It s true, we all have avery cold winter ...in Paris and in the North of France, there is very much snow but here in the south of France, no snow yet .... for the mment, sun with very cold temperatures but now what will happen in the next days....
    Take care of you Julie and keep warm,

  4. That is such a beautiful cushion, and if I am not mistaken the yellow music score print is the one you bought when we met in Ikebukuro last fall?
    I hope your cold is gone soon so you can take part in the concert without the risk of coughing. I am, myself, in bed with a nasty cold. They price you pay for enjoying a quilt show?

  5. That is a beautiful cushion and you put a lot of thought into it, the fabrics and design are perfect for a musician.
    I hope a few days of rest will help you to feel better. I can't wait to see the photos, I want to see them all.


  6. This is lovely, No wonder the recipient is delighted. Hope your cough is better. Lots of folk coughing in Canterbury including me though I've recovered from the flu part. I have the Swoon pattern but didn't realise it was tricky! Looking forward to the Dome posts - a quilter from here went is year.

  7. Lovely work on the cushion and very generous of you.
    The fabrics are unusual but you have worked your magic to bring the colours together.
    Good luck with your recovery. I think that taking a rest is the best way to get back to good health.
    All the best and take care.

  8. Nice pillow. Hope your voice is better now. Take a water bottle to sip on, if needed. I did that with our Christmas performance, since I was singing and the narrator.

  9. what a compliment that she took the cushion home xx Take it easy with your voice x

  10. Hope during this week you are feeling much better. Beautiful cushion, colours and love the pattern. You are a very generous and thoughtful lady. I often wonder who designs these chairs where someone has to sit uncomfortably for a length of time. I take a cushion to my Guild meetings.

  11. I hope you are feeling better. Tetsu has the same cold and he's been struggling with a sore throat and coughing. At least he's stayed clear of flu germs. I also hope you got to sing in the Valentine's Day concert and that your voice held.