Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Next on the list

Last night I put the final stitches into the next "I-Spy" quilt.
This one for a little baby boy.

I took this picture in the park during Nikko's morning walk.

Then I dug through the stash and found some fabric that will work on the back, pieced it, and then pin-basted it.

Now the quilting has begun, starting in the middle and working out in all directions.

Once I got to the borders it was a bit too large for take-along work. Hopefully I will have enough home time the next few weeks to get this finished up.
The center block area is all in-the-ditch and I may put a cable in the two-inch grey border ... then maybe quilt the parking lots in the border fabric.

Last week was over-busy and Friday was spent meeting the English class of some friends. Saturday was the wake for a good Scouting friend. I was pleased to see much of the scouting community stepping up to help with many of the duties. After the main service, the scouts and leaders linked arms in the hall to sing "Scout Vespers". It was quite a moving end to the ceremony.

Sunday after church I had to gather things together for my Cub pack's pinewood derby. I did not have a car to race because we were short kits this year, but I was busy helping the scouts adjust the weight and add graphite to their cars.
Some of the track was missing and, because we had booked the activity room and set the date, we decided to make do as best as possible. With the help of duct tape and the wonderful parents and leaders, we were able to pull off the event ... even without the computerised gates. What a relief, as the date to submit the winners names to the district event was the next day.

Monday began with my usual rice delivery and school. As I was going up the very long escalator at the train station, their was a loud noise in the neighboring down escalator, and everyone looked to that side to see a huge hard case suitcase sliding down the moving steps, picking up speed as it went.
At the bottom it hit a lady from behind and wiped her off her feet. Two people waiting on the up-side rushed over to grab her up before she got caught in the stairs at the bottom. Then two guards rushed in.
The young man owner of the bag, who had been too busy on his cell phone to hang on to the bag, rode slowly down and was talking with the group as I got off at the top. It was a very scary event that has stayed with me ever since. I remember when Ken was just a little boy, he got too close to the edge of the stairs, and the escalator grabbed his shoe, pulling it off his foot (Luckily) and grinding it up in the stairs. I also remember a little boy in the hospital who had lost fingers in an escalator. That is not a place one would fall casually.
Even more scary, was on the three more sections going up, I saw two bags with young people not holding them ... one with a girl turned around talking to someone behind her, and another young man on his device. Neither was as big as the one that came careening down the steps, but still....

The days are still cold. Rain over the last week finally removed the last of the dirty snow drifts.

The plum is in no hurry but a few brave buds have defied the cold and are beginning to open.

Today is the birthday of my third daughter.
We didn't have a chance to get together other than last Saturday at the wake.

The Sweet Daphne planted for her seems to be thinking about opening ...but taking it's time in tune with the plum.

I did see a few bushes in bloom in gardens that get full days of sun.

Tomorrow begins another month.
Friday I have a quilt group meeting so my work can go with me.

The busy days help me to appreciate the down time.


  1. Wonderful quilt, Julie ! I really LOVE your "I-Spy" quilts, they're so special :D
    The weather here is POLAR, with temp√©ratures falling down to minus 18°C. Brrrr... and they're announcing snow for the coming days... Winter is still at our doors, but no doubt spring will then claims its turn, sooner or later :D

    In stitches,

  2. Nice I Spy quilt. Glad it wasn't you at the bottom of the steps. People just don't think anymore. Doesn't sound like he was concerned, either.

  3. My friend's mother fell down an up escalator and as it kept moving, the back of her kept being raked by the edges of the steps. Dreadful. it took ages for her leg to heal.
    I get a bit nervous on escalators - especially the ones for the underground as they are so steep.
    Sandy in the UK

  4. II get very nervous as I feel my balance is not as good as it used to be on escalators. Why has constantly checking mobile phones become a priority. I was walking behind a woman pushing a pram while she was texting. She stopped and I walked into her, she abused me for hitting her back. Love your I Spy Quilt.

  5. I love the colors and how the border compliments the different blocks.
    I hate escalators, always scared me, even before people had accidents. It is scary how younger people seem to be too busy on their phones these days, today a kid pulled right out in front of us, luckily Bill swerved out of the way, but didn't help my back much. Last year our plants bloomed late, so hoping that Danielle's tree blooms on time this year.


  6. Great to see the progress on your quilt. It is looking good.
    You have had a busy time. Lovely to see the flowers coming on the plants. The touch of colour is always so welcome. And lovely for the birthdays, too.
    That would have been very frightening on the escalator. We have some very steep and long ones in our city.
    Hope the rest of your week goes well.

  7. You have been busy - nothing new there! Great quilt.
    Our plum trees are now shedding their petals, and I saw the tiniest of swelling in the cherry tree buds.
    Is there a way of making escalators safer? Air bags? Carpeted steps? Sounds difficult, but I think it is even more difficult to teach the mobile phonaholics some escalator manners!

  8. Love the bright frames to the blocks. It is will a very special qullt for its future owner. I do wish people would live in the world and not on their phones.

  9. That is a scary thing to have happen on the escalator. Thanks for the reminder to keep my hands around what I own and not let them get away from me!