Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Spinning my wheels.

If it weren't for my quilting and piecing, this day would have been a total waste.

Since the day was relatively free, I decided I would go into town to see if I could get my camera fixed.  I packed up some stitching to do on the train, put the camera ... still reading "Lens Error" into my bag, and set off for town.
So far, so good.

I decided as long as I was going that far, I might as well make a stop at Nippori "Fabric Town", as I needed to replace my clover disc thread-cutter which had broken, and wanted to check out a smaller wave print for the black and white quilt border.

Like Old Mother Hubbard, when I got to the cupboard ... it was bare. Well, actually, the whole area was shut down for "Obon". Saturday was the official day off but some places closed longer. Usually there is a notice posted out front like our local barber shop as to which days will be closed. There were no signs so no idea how long they will be closed. Very few shops were open ... the leather store, and a place selling Liberty fabrics, and several clothing shops. Nice long walk in the heat. A small shop selling lots of "Clover" items was opened but didn't carry the cutter.

Oh well, back to the train and on to Bic Camera. That was a busy place and all the clerks in the Canon section were busy selling items ... the very expensive ones with multiple lenses.
Finally I got the attention of someone at the counter, and took my camera out of my bag to show him the problem. Wouldn't you know it??? That camera that had not been working for weeks, suddenly revived and worked just fine.
Bic camera must be a magic place because the last time I went there, it was to leave my watch that kept changing time and date settings every few hours. At that time, the repair guy couldn't find any problem so just re-set the date and time for me ... and that watch has been working smoothly ever since. I hope it will be the same with the camera too.

So, since the train was not crowded, I got almost all my rows together,  I am considering adding fewer rows because, since the blocks are bigger than I thought, if I add a border, it is going to be way too big... and I really feel that pattern needs a border to tie all those random fabrics together. 68 x 86 seems a reasonable size and with 8 inch blocks, what I now have is 64 x 96. I could leave off the last two rows and leave room for a border. The border I had in mind is about six inches wide and that would really make the quilt quite large.

So, now I am dithering. Maybe next week I can go see if there is a smaller border print.
I got a notice of a go-to meeting for the scout district and a reminder today. Well, I logged on at 7pm and the screen said "waiting for the meeting to begin" At 8pm I gave up. Oops ... the meeting is now next week. I'm glad I didn't waste time going there in person.

Tomorrow is another day. I hope the stuff planed for then goes a bit smoother. About time to wash off the sweat and hit the sack under my book club quilt.


  1. Leaving off the last two rows sounds like a good solution. Plus you can use those leftover blocks to make a smaller quilt for a child. Win win.
    And yes, your camera event happens to me when I go to the doctor. I'm usually much better upon arrival at the waiting room so then look like a fake when I'm actually in the office. I call it "scaring the germs away."

  2. So glad the camera took a turn for the better.Just like the Dr or dentist, pains fly away as if a miracle happened.

  3. Glad the camera is working - it is weird how stuff like that happens. My son says it is because the item feels a threat of abandonment and goes back to doing its regular job. :-) Hope your days are better, it is frustrating to be caught up in a series of non-events. I'm back to blogging now, after a month and a half off - hope to catch up on my favorites.

  4. Don't you just hate it when you walk into a shop to have something fixed, low and behold as if by magic it works! It happens to me all the time. I secretly think it is a plot. That Nippon Fabric shop sounds as if it would be filled with lovely fabrics and I am so jealous that there is a Liberty shop Liberty fabrics. Hope you get all that dithering re your quilt sorted.

  5. That is the error I had on my camera lens, worked again for a few days then the error came back. It could not be fixed so had to buy a new lens. I hope your's works for a long time to come. They said it was wear and tear on the seal. I love Nippori.

  6. The Obon holiday is a chance for staff to go away as most workplaces and many shops are closed for about a week. Nice for them, but not for the customers!
    Typical isn't it, that the camera should work just as you have reached the repair counter at Big Camera. I hope your camera now goes like clockwork.

  7. Well, at least your camera decided to behave. My work computer use to make a liar out of me every time I put in a request for IT to come fix it. :) Fingers crossed that you will crossing off everything on your list.

  8. fingers crossed that the camera heeds the warning and will work from now onwards xx

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