Thursday, August 23, 2018

Making use of the typhoon

The inner border has been added to the black and white quilt.

I am now rather wishing I had mitered the corners, but by the time I thought of it, I would have had to do a lot of re-cutting and re-sewing. So, I will just carry on with the plan.

Since Kai ... or his name "Kaiea", means rising wave both in Hawaiian and Japanese, I picked our this wave fabric for the border.

The design is quite bold and the shade of white a bit bright, so I took it to an empty apartment to lay it out and decide if it might work.

Since I used a variety of black and white prints, I think there are enough of this tone that it will work.

I really wanted to see before I started cutting and sewing.

I don't think there is enough of this fabric to make mitered corners.
Maybe I will make the waves go around in a circle so the quilt will have no particular top edge.

This room is a bit small to get a good picture. These shots were taken from the ladder leading to the loft.

In the first picture, one side is in the shadow, but if I pull it over to the wall, the edge will be under the loft, so this is about the best I could do.

Actually, the purpose was just to audition the wave print and for that, it worked.
I may take it back up to lay out once I have the border strips cut.

Now that it is this big, it no longer serves as take-along work.

This is really the last week with indoor time, as Sunday everything starts up with schedules being filled.
The "crumb-quilt" is on its way to Oregon ... where it will be cool enough to be used.

On my list coming up, besides a new Stewardship banner, is a baby quilt for a new granddaughter expected the end of this year. Maybe I need another typhoon to keep me inside ... though the additional humidity is not welcome as long as the heat remains. What might pass for sun tan is actually rust.


  1. I love your border choice and the story behind, choosing it. It is something he will treasure forever.


  2. Stunning!! Kai is a very lucky boy - and is sure to love it - ;))

  3. The border will have very special meaning for the lucky owner of the quilt.

  4. as you have diagonal and square elements in your quilt I think having a non mitred border is totally in keeping, either would have been in keeping. Irene from Northern Ireland

  5. I like the fabric, great choice. We saw on the news about your severe weather there, stay safe.

  6. It looks wonderful... however the thought of you hanging off a ladder to take the pictures is making me nervous!! GET DOWN!!! lol x

  7. I think the fabric you have chosen will look great as the border. Wonderful choice.

  8. Very much a boy's quilt - he will love it.

  9. I love making blocks with curves. I have seen many of the quilts done in red and whites with this pattern, but I think your black and white adds more pizzazz to the quilt.

  10. good choice for your grandson. I admire your use of all the black and white, it's very striking.

  11. Confirmed... Kai is super stoked to have this... the black and white motif and the wave border is perfect... Kai just got a new full bed, all white bed frame, and white headboard with black sheets.. perfect for this quilt. We can’t wait to have it, but take your time, no Rich, no pressure... we’re eagerly and patiently waiting .

  12. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !