Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Spy quilt ... I Spy Spring

This morning as I ran out the door, I grabbed my old quilt from the sofa and chucked it in my pack. The whole quilt can be seen with my 2002 quilts but I have no digital photos as yet. I guess it might be a good idea to take a few as the fabric is beginning to fade in spots.

To control the scrap department, I take left-over scraps and cut them into squares depending on how much is left, four and a half, three and a half, two and a half, and one and a half inch. Anything smaller than that I throw away. These squares go into a tin sorted by size and get used in projects that come along. If the scrap has some cute picture I often fussy-cut it. The piles in the tin are in baggies by color and wait there patiently for a need to arise. The sofa quilt protects (or hides) the very worn places on our old sofa and was assembled without much thought when the tin got too full.

This morning I was off to school and thought the kids might have fun learning a new game. I was right. We spread the quilt on the floor and the kids sat around the edge. When I said, "I Spy a cat.", all the kids began looking for a square with a cat. When they found one, they put their finger on the square and called "I spy a cat". The first to call got to call the next picture. The children really had fun hunting objects and playing a new game with new rules. The teacher asked me to leave the quilt at school for the rest of the week. She is also a quilter and helped with the auction quilt during rest time when she could get away.

Although we are one week into April, the weather is still cold. Today was the first hint of spring weather but you can see the cherry trees are still in a tentative mood. The two trees on the roof-top playground were holding off and even those on the south side of the road were waiting a bit longer to show their true glory. Along the street the pansies and primroses smiled up at passers-by and the ornamental kale stretched upward after a winter of huddling in its cabbage-like ball.

Next week the petting zoo will come for the children to enjoy so today out came all the animal books and puzzles. As I watched them being assembled on the floor I couldn't help thinking this one might make a cute quilt. Too bad I really don't need another project at the moment.


  1. Wow... that's nice to bring your beautiful quilt to school and let the students use it to learn. They must had fun by then, I believe.
    And I can see that the spring is coming. Welcome, warmth. :)

  2. I must admit that I expected to see the sakura out more fully on my way to quilting class today. I don't mind them taking their time if they last for several days at their peak =)

  3. Great quilt of little squares! Ah and the flowers....so beautiful....none here yet.

  4. What great fun for the children. I used to love that sort of game. Your photos are gorgeous. Is it true the cherry blossom festival is cancelled?
    Japan and Fukoshima are still very much in the news here.

  5. what a great wuilt, looks professional!

  6. Hi Julie !
    I too, am enjoying your quilt too as I "click" it to a larger image & really peer at each fascinating square !