Friday, June 14, 2013

My other job

I posted these pictures on my Scout blog but I thought you might like to see what I do when I am not quilting.

Almost every age group has requirements to build something. Most of the families we serve are in Japan for the father's work and do not come equipped with tools.

I teach woodcarving at camp so I have a few of the basic tools. On Wednesday, I went to the home improvement store and bought two long wide boards and two long narrow boards, and several packs of long thin nails.

I cut the wide boards into sections for a stool,  one 11 and a half inch top and two 7 and a half inch ends.

I cut the narrow pieces into shorter sections and marked them in thirds.
The Cubs used small Japanese saws to cut the piece into three pieces.

The other leaders and parents helped out but did not do the work for the boys.

First they glued and nailed the side bars into the notches I had cut at the top of the end pieces.

Brave mother holds the nail while a Tiger cub hammers it in.

After both side supports were in place, the third section was glued and nailed between the legs.

This was the first Pack meeting for the Cub with the hammer.

Lastly the seat was nailed on top.

When you are finished, line up your team ... by size, shortest in the stool.

Well, we have to make sure it works).

and make the Scout sign.

Everyone got an activity patch and the shortest kid could take the stool home to use helping around the house.

On the train into town, I finished adding the sky around the owl.

I had looked at fabrics last week with my friend, Cynthia. A night sky with stars might have been nice but the owl would not show very well.

There were several shades of this mottled blue and Cynthia helped me decide on this one.

Next I will add the tree borders. Maybe at camp I can use the craft room in the evenings.

Then I plan to applique and or quilt leaves into the sky area. I'm glad I added the missing row to the tail. I may add a few smaller branches too. I'll just have to wait and see how the border looks.

After lugging all the wood and tools to the Pack meeting, I was very happy to come home with a light bag ... a few hammers and saws and bottles of glue.  Tomorrow I will pack for camp. No internet connections out in the woods. I will miss my blogging friends but I have the owl to keep me company (and Nikko, and a few hundred boys with knives and hammers and saws) Have a good week!


  1. I used to do wood carving, but hard on my hands now, great project for the boys. Love how the owl looks against the blue, beautiful piece.


  2. The owl quilt is beautiful! I'm amazed at all that handwork.

  3. Your owl shows up very nicely on the blue that you and Cynthia chose and he looks VERY happy that you added the missing row to his tail - ;)) Your other job" looks like fun - perhaps you could teach the men of Tohoku some of your woodcarving tricks - ;))

  4. Lovely owl, the blue is so right. Wooden boards, do you use a hand saw? I can see you struggling home with those long lengths. Have a great time in the woods. and, yes, great finished stools, you and they can be so proud!! Greetings from Jean

  5. I saw the link that Tanya put on her blog of you in Northern Japan with the ladies quilting - so nice to put a picture and sound to you :)

  6. The owl is more lovely all the time.

    What a fun time for the little boys - they look so intent on their projects.

  7. You are indeed a Scout, always prepared (sorted out all the craft material), a good leader (organising team work, keeping the cubs in check), keeping records (photographing and blogging) and making use of things (time management, quilting on the train).
    Now that the typhoon is no longer a threat, I hope you and owly will have a great time. He is looking grand and your plans for his home are inspiring. Good choice of fabric for the sky, Cynthia!

  8. The owl looks great. I used to be a den mother too, lots of fun and work! Not sure I would havecthecenergy for that now

  9. Those stools are great and the little cub at his first camp looks as if he got stuck in very happily. The owl looks wonderful against that sky fabric. Have a great weekend.

  10. I love seeing the owl come together. He looks great! Have a fun camp!!

  11. I taught my kids how to hammer, but, I used pliers to hold the nail (my father didn't raise a dummy). It sure saved my fingers many times. I'm in love with your owl!!!! He is just sew cute!

  12. I need one of those stools!! Have fun at camp.

  13. Tommy made one of those stools years ago in scouts and we use it in the kitchen all the time! Your owl is looking handsome as can be!

  14. Enjoyed hearing about and seeing the photos of the cub scouts working on their projects. I thought it was great seeing them do everything with minimal help. The scouting group is lucky to have you as one of their leaders!

    The owl looks great and I'm looking forward to seeing how you will finish him up!

  15. You constantly amaze me with things that you do. Woodworking ... who would have thought you can do that!

  16. Looks like the Scouts are very good wood workers. Very nice!
    Your owl quilt is looking wonderful!

  17. Great work Julie!! Best wishes, Sandra

  18. Hi Julie,
    You've been quiet lately. Everything okay in your part of Japan? Hope you are keeping busy working on that owl. It is darling!!!