Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The flowers are happy

Last night it began to rain and it is still
raining today. My plants are all happy for a good drink.
The small pond that used to gather in front of my gate is now gathering to the south and north ends of the street. We can actually walk 15 to 20 paces before we start wading.

I am glad to get the rain over with because Cub Camp begins Friday night. While Boy Scouts can camp in the rain, managing a group of cubs who come with parents and siblings ... and trying to convince them that scouting is fun ... is a whole new ballgame.

Meanwhile, I am preparing a craft to teach the cubs on Saturday. The camp has a Harry Potter theme so I will have the classes making owl neckerchief slides.

That involves cutting about 150 slices of wood for the body. I will let the kids cut the eye pieces and the bamboo ring for the back.

Yesterday I managed to cut about 20 slices so I have a long way to go. I have to do the task outside and sure do wish I had a friend with a band saw. I remember doing this in years past once I arrived at camp, now I am feeling my age and wondering if I can find a few boy scouts once I get there to help out ... but I really don't want to risk being un-prepared.

When I returned from camp last week, I found the little + quilt on the trash-bin counter was covered with stains.  Some were coffee but the others looked like some kind of jam that was dried in black blobs. I washed it three times but the stains all remain. What is rather amazing is that there is a 4' x 11' ceramic plate on that 7' x 11' space so not a whole lot of area for making spills. I used to have a natural keyake wood tray on that counter but it disappeared during last summer's trip. I can only surmise it got pushed off into the top trash bin.

Well, not that I just love that + pattern but while I was on a roll, I made a new little topper which I will save for when guests come. Maybe the little bin to the left  would like a runner too. Actually, that is a narrow unit of stacked drawers with pet things (inside and on top)... sticky rollers, bird seed, dog treats, Nikko's clothing (to be used to protect visitors from dog hair when they come inside) and some spare toys that won't fit in Nikko's toy box.

  This one got a dark binding. Maybe it won't show the spills as much.

Anyway, I will save this one for another day.

I found a pattern I'd really like to use for Ben's big-boy quilt but am still trying to come up with enough purple and lime-green fabric. I really don't want to begin something until I can see it through. I just don't have room to house UFOs.

Meantime. I am trying to find a good block for the latest book club read.

This is what is enjoying today's rain.

These flowers are growing along the wall  outside the rice store lady's garden.

The red ones are the same as I have along my wall.

Each time I walk along the street on my way to the corner and the train station, I pull the weeds among the bulbs. Once the red flowers are finished there will be plenty of seeds. I collect them and have a few places to put them in other weedy neighborhood spots.

Among the red flowers are these purple ones with three petals.

In our last house, we had some coming up here and there in the lawn. I have no idea what they are. Even my Japanese plant books don't have pictures of these two plants.

Both grow from tiny bulbs.

The purple one is a very short bloomer. I tried to get a picture on Sunday on my way to church but they had not begin to open at 8:am when I walked past.

By three in the afternoon, this is all that you can see, the petals having rolled down to the center. By the next day, it is an invisible green stub that will end up a seed pod.

The leaves of both plants look like the "dragon's beard" grass that is popular in Japanese gardens.
I think the little flowers are a pretty addition to any weedy strip.

And this is what is blooming in my little bedroom/greenhouse.

I think that flower pot cup could stand a washing but I hesitate to disturb the cactus.

I think these are so pretty.

They bloom a long time and look like twinkling stars.

I see more flower buds coming on a number of cacti. The white one that has already bloomed a few weeks ago is getting new buds.

The Easter cactus is about ready to burst into bloom too. (a bit late, but it survived out in the cold and snow this past winter).

Well, blogging break should be over and camp prep resumed. I was hoping the rain would finish by now so I don't have to add sawdust to the dog hair that is already taking over the house. Sigh!


  1. The flowers are looking lovely and I agree that they will be enjoying the rain. Good luck with all your prep for the camp and I do hope you have some sunshine.

  2. I love those flowers growing in the crack between wall and building! I have wild violets that will pop up in the tiniest of spaces - I like the look but I no some do not

  3. The size of the +s are just perfect for the trash bin counter, and the pet goods storage unit would look smart with a similar quilty cover.
    I have no idea what the flower in your alley way are called but they sure are pretty, as is the cacti!
    I hope you will have a rain free weekend with Harry Potter, the owls and boys!

  4. Very pretty flowers - I've never seen that kind of bloom before - it does look like twinkling stars. And the pretty little flowers along the wall add such a touch of joy. That is a big project for your cub scout camp - but I'm sure the little boys will love it.

  5. Lovely flowers. Hope you get everything prepared for this weekend. Have fun camping.

  6. I cannot imagine having a group of boys in the rain, lol. In the summer it is fun because you can always go swimming since you will be wet anyways;) Beautiful flowers, love the pink ones.


  7. I love your little teacup plant! We could use some of that rain in Texas.

  8. what a shame about your little runner x the new one looks good though x what wonderful colours you have around you at the moment xx

  9. Oh no! So sorry to hear about your runner getting stained! What a shame. :( :(

  10. I'm pretty sure those flowers are a variety of trillium although they could be a tradescantia. I was tempted to buy some trillium at a garden show a few years ago but they are expensive and difficult here so I resisted! The pink ones look like what we call Kaffir lilies. They have been renamed to something less politically incorrect but I can't recall what the new name is.
    I'm sorry to learn your little + quilt was beyond washing, I suppose it was always at risk.
    It is sunny again here after thunderstorms yesterday, my DiL's workplace was flooded but all is well again this morning. We're taking big grandson to the Bach for the holiday weekend, hoe it stays dry and children, men and dogs are always better for being outside!! Have a great time making all those owls.

  11. Julie, how disappointing that your table topper was ruined. I do like the replacement though. And I guess that if you are going to use them, they will get stained... I just love the little flowers on the cactus. Mine haven't bloomed yet this year, except for the Christmas cactus which has just bloomed this week. I don't think it knows when Christmas is... The other flowers are so pretty too. I hope you have fun at camp. You should definitely recruit a scout to help you with the cutting.