Monday, September 22, 2014


Thanks to my virtual quilting club, I am getting more ideas for putting my four-inch blocks together.

I still have a plentiful stash of one-inch cut scraps so I can continue making a few more blocks, but I already have a quilt made of one-inch scraps and I am getting low on some colors.

I really don't want to cut more pieces. Those have come all from scraps that were left on other projects. I have more of them because I chop up the left-overs that are too small to bother returning to the stash boxes, beginning with four inch, then three inch, then two inch and then  one inch. I managed to use plenty of scraps in my + and x block quilt, but still have the largest amount of one inch scraps. Some of them are a bit hard to use on this project because they have no dominant color.

I am now thinking it might be interesting to add four and five inch strips to two sides of each block. That would speed the project by making the blocks two inches larger and also a bit easier to join together at the end of the line. (Of course cutting strips will surly add to my one-inch collection).

What do you think of this plan?  I laid out a few blocks and it doesn't really destroy the general design. Probably it will make it interesting to keep using the odd light blocks at two corners but I can't see bothering with odd colored blocks in the other two corners.

It is just laid out any old way but I would be a bit more consistent over which side gets a longer strip.

I am lousy at math so I don't know how much bigger the whole thing will be. That is partly because I don't know the proportions I want to make it or if I can figure out a border to get the size right.

I'm sure I will need to make more of those four-inch blocks anyway, Maybe I can add the strips to them during my train-rides or make a second pile of take-along work making the blocks larger.

At any rate, I will keep with the four-inch blocks and wait for feedback from my gang of helpers ... That means YOU!


  1. I do like the strips at the sides, and SOOO much easier when joining. Lovely collection of reds, and the lighter squares add to it all so well. Hugs,Jean.

  2. I agree. Adding the strips at the sides works well.

  3. I draw my patterns up on graph paper, using the grid as a finished 1" per square. It sure does make the math really easy.

  4. Adding the strips will make the joining of the blocks faster and easier.
    At first I looked at the screen and thought the red strips looked out of place, then I stepped as away from the computer as the room allowed (not very far!!!, we are in Japan after all, ha, ha!!!) and from a 'distance' it looks great. So my advice is add the strips!

  5. The strips are a great idea and I always like the contrast cornerstones.

  6. I love your idea of adding the strips! - ;)) I would put a short (4-inch) strip on each side of the block - and a long (5-inch) strip with a light square at the end - on the top and bottom - so I would need 2 of each for each 4-iinch block - 2 short - 2 long - and 2 light squares. Then I would just count them as 6-inch blocks when I decided how big I wanted to make it. If my math is correct - a layout of 150 blocks - 10 across and 15 down would come out to 60" x 90" - without borders - ;)).

  7. I have no idea, lol. My brain is on hold today and by the time I finish reading a few sentences, I forgot the question;) I do add strips and odd blocks as fillers since I usually make blocks without thinking and they never line up. It is a fun way to add on and give it a hit or miss, scrappy look.


  8. I think it's lovely! I really like how it's turning out.

  9. A great idea Julie - it's going to be great!

  10. I love the strips! I feel that it will enhance the pattern. Plus the quilt will grow a little faster. I have been sewing a 9-patch with 1-inch squares and it is taking forever!