Monday, November 23, 2015

My other life

 Not much quilting done this past weekend.

Our Cub Pack joined a district event and turned the weekend into a family camping occasion.

Rain had been predicted since last week BUT ... I do not camp in the rain and ordered SUN.
Of course, that's what we got.

While the boys tried their skills at a "shooting sports day", (darts, slingshots, b b guns, blow guns, and who knows what else) I was busy training leaders in outdoor skills.

This persimmon tree was full of fruit this year and greeted the trainees outside our classroom.

These are great to look at but probably the most puckery of any I have ever tasted. Even the birds seemed to be staying away.

Our pack gathered on "Fukuda Field" for the flag raising and opening ceremony.

Here is a picture of the best pack in Tokyo. Nikko and I are behind the camera along with three other adults

What I didn't know was that I was to be presented with an award. That was the best kept secret.

The award consisted of a medal and a framed certificate.

The "Centurion Award" does not mean I have been doing Scouting for a century ... or that I have reached the age of 100, though sometimes it may seem that way ...

With the Order of the Arrow (Scouting's Honour  Society) celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, a few members in each section were selected for this prestigious honour.

I was asked on the spot to give a speech. Oh horrors! Surprise awards come with challenges.

When the events ended, we set up our tents in the nice dry flat field and cooked foil dinners.

We were entertained by the cubs who had prepared skits, songs and even magic tricks.

The cubs made a large pan of brownies which we baked in a cardboard box. It turned out yummy and was decorated with candles to celebrate one of the cub's birthday.

Of course there were the marshmallows and poking in the fire ... a good night's sleep and breakfast before taking down the tents and packing up the gear. I think everyone had a good time and I was pleased with how cooperative and helpful the boys were. They are all looking forward to another campout in the spring.

Today is quite cold and the rain is making up for lost time. It is the Japanese "Labor Thanksgiving" and a national holiday. Our school was in session as were other international schools but many were off work and quite a few children were brought to school by Dads.  The best part of the holiday was that the usual sardine can of a train (where one is lucky to be standing above one's feet) had enough open seats that I could actually sit all the way to my station both going and coming home.

Friday evening I was able to put more stitches into the Christmas tree skirt and I think it will be ready to baste and begin quilting tomorrow.


  1. What a wonderful award, and I am sure you managed a very suitable and word perfect acceptance speech. What a great time you all had. Congratulations...XXX

  2. It looks like everyone had a wonderful weekend and congratulations on the award.
    You do so much for the scouts and really do care, you deserve it.


  3. Congrats on the well deserved award. Hubby was teaching Wilderness First Aid this weekend, but, because of the snow (up to 12 inches in and around Chicago) they had to do the whole thing inside. Stairwells became 'trails'. He still had fun. Glad you did, too.

  4. Congratulations on your award. You have been a positive influence on your packs.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS .. it looks like you had a wonderful time x

  6. Congratulations mom! Always loved camp tama. What a great way to kick of the thanksgiving season out in nature. Ps Irene told me last week she wants a slingshot and bow and arrow for Christmas! Got ideas for making a sling shot? Kimie xo

  7. Congratulations on receiving your award. Your group obviously thinks very highly of you.
    It looks like a great weekend for the cubs.

  8. Congratulations! Maybe it is better not to know in advance that you have to make a speech! Your camp must have been fun and given many great memories.
    Keep warm in the cold!

  9. Congratulations for your prize. You certainty deserve that.