Thursday, October 20, 2016

Take-along work

This weekend will be our annual "Choir Retreat".  Twice a year the choir presents a musical sermon, once at the beginning of Advent and again during the Lenten season.  Each fall the choir gathers at a retreat in Gotemba in the foothills of Mt. Fuji to polish our delivery of the chosen piece.

This year we are working on John Rutter's "Magnificat". We have sung this several times in the past so, to some long-time choir members, it is a familiar piece ... something like re-visiting an old friend.
Of course ours is the church of the revolving door and the choir has some new members to whom this is a new challenge. Even for the old hands, we need to coordinate and balance our presentation.

Therefore it will be three days  ... well, for some two or even one day of work ... but also fun and fellowship. For those staying overnight there will be wine and laughter.

This time I will ride with friends instead of driving so I had two things to prepare. First was easy. Just to pack up food to go with Nikko on her trip to the "Athletic Dog Club" where she will be heading tomorrow morning. Second was to pull out some scraps to sew together.

I should be working on my daughter, Norie's, poncho but I have yet to figure out how to make one that will meet her desired idea and my skills.

I have also been tasked with a gift for the Women's Conference speaker. The theme is something like weaving together our stories and those of women in the bible. I have several ideas for blocks that seem to weave fabrics together. I have not seen any panel I might use so thought this block might be interesting to try. I may have to coordinate my scraps a bit better but by the end of the trip I will know if I want to continue in this mode. I like that block so whatever happens, they will be put to use.

The weather is cooling off a bit and fall is working it's way in.

Goldenrod is blooming in the local weed patch.
I have been told this plant has invaded from North America by way of used railroad ties.

It is not as invasive here as many other weeds and in small amounts it is colorful and brings  back memories of times past.

It also lasts longer than other autumn flowers that are here and gone in a week.

 In the park the Beauty berries are bowing down
along the pathway.

I have a small bush in my garden but should probably move it to a planter so it can be moved into a sunnier location.

That bush carries memories of a dear friend and needs
better exposure.

The local persimmons have begun to ripen.

Depending on the variety, they are ready to eat at different times. I have already had some from a friend's garden.

The ones two houses down are ripe and being attacked by birds. Three or four were squished on the street and impossible to sweep up.

Another tree in the area has fruit so high up, only the birds will be able to access them.

Some varieties hang on until all the leaves have fallen and make a striking picture on the otherwise bare branches against the bright blue sky.

Hopefully the foot hills of Fuji will have beauty to share. Since I will be missing a Cub Scout Camping event that got moved to this weekend, I am hoping the weather will cooperate as well for my cub families who are going there.



  1. Have fun at your retreat. I have ladies crafting at church this Saturday.

  2. I like your block, weaving through, it links the fabrics together, but different, like your ladies. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. That is a fun block to make - and yours look terrific - as usual. Have fun at your "Choir Retreat" - and good luck with Norie's poncho - ;))

  4. The retreat sounds fun, being with others to lift your voices to the lord and a place to relax and reflect.
    I like your idea for weaving the blocks together, you always come up with wonderful pieces to fit the themes.


  5. That is a great pattern and fits the theme. You have enough fabric to make interesting weaving.
    Enjoy the retreat!

  6. Julie I hope you have a wonderful retreat - fellowship and laughter feed the soul. Goldenrod is one of my allergies I'm afraid so I avoid it but I love seeing it on the sides of the roadways. blessings, marlene

  7. I hope you have had a wonderful weekend with your choir.
    I do like the way the blocks are looking.

  8. The Athletic Dog Club sounds interesting. I hope Nikko has as much fun as you. I see you are packing the essentials. Fabric and sewing kits are usually the first to go in my luggage. :) I love the Beauty Berries shade of purple. Lovely!

  9. You have a busy life. It must be wonderful singing the Magnificat! I have such an impression of neatness in Japan - nothing at all like our wildness here, where nothing is really neat. I love that block too.

  10. Sounds like you are having a good time. Your project looks like fun too. What beautiful plants - the berries are amazing. I've seen Goldenrod around - but only in small patches - it certainly is bright in the autumn. Have a grand time.

  11. HI Julie ! First of all, your completed nine patch quilt below is stunning ! It really sparkles with life and energy! Such a lovely treasure -- do enjoy it ! Next, we hope you enjoyed the choir retreat and the chance to practice beautiful music. And thank you for the photos of all of nature's bounty, including the flowers and fruits of autumn. Wonderful pictures. Hugs and blessings to you, from Marina and Daryl Lynn

  12. Great to hear from yo Julie. Have fun on your trip. I miss Persimmon a lot. Ones I can get here is just not the same...