Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Next on the list

That was quick!

Phoebe's quilt made it to Oregon in less than a week.

I  had made a baby I-Spy quilt around a year ago for the children's ministry director at out church, and his mother, living in Austria saw it and told her son that the one thing she had always most wanted was a quilt.

I really don't need any more projects, but ever since making the black and white quilt for Kai, I had wanted to try that pattern in florals.

Well, while sorting that "rescued" fabric, I decided to mark and cut some blocks. This makes good take-along work so putting the blocks together did not take much time.

Last Tuesday I laid them out on the floor of the church fellowship hall and tried arranging them into a layout with a balance of color and tone.
This week I added the inner border and last night's train ride finished off adding the outer border.

I think I may have a large floral that can be pieced for the backing. Then It is going to have to wait for cooler weather to quilt.

Meanwhile I have started an I-spy baby quilt for my boss's baby expected in the fall....

And ... I have been asked to make two small table runners for two staff members of our church who are retiring. Hopefully I can get some fbrics marked and cut so I can take them to camp in another week in case I have spare time while there.

The feed sack blocks are sitting in a tin waiting for other things to move along. I just need to arrange the blocks so they can be joined, then work on a border.
I am thinking of using some of the scraps in an applique vine with flowers. I have yet to draft that but those feed sacks have been waiting since the 30s for attention so I guess they can wait a bit longer.

Looking at the weather forecast it looks as if spring has finished springing and the rainy season is about to drop by. Well, I think I will have enough to do inside.


  1. Maybe your rain came down here.we have had so,much this week. Love the blocks, and well done to have another project all waiting.How ever do you manage to stitch on public transport? XXX

  2. That looks lovely!! You are so fast - there is no doubt that you will finish your other projects before the cooler weather comes and you can quilt it - ;))

  3. You've got so many good projects going and I love the i-spy concept. The floral quilt is so sweet. She will be so thrilled to get not only "a quilt" but a Julie original!

  4. You've been piecing up a storm. And you do it by hand.

  5. Julie, this is such a great pattern ! The contasts turned out as nicely as the black and white quilt. These lovely soft flowers are so pretty, and they all go together perfectly! The summer will fly by, and soon it will be time to quilt it. Congratulations on another successful project. :-) Hugs and blessings, from Marina and Daryl Lynn

  6. I have always loved the curved block patterns like the orange peel. The colors and design of this quilt just begs to be cuddled!