Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Done with dithering

The center hexagons and triangles are all quilted in the ditch and I have moved to the final border.

Yesterday I sorted through my collection of border stencils both purchased and home made. I had been thinking of a feathered pattern but all the ones I have were either too large or too busy.  I had a diamond cable that fit but I really had wanted more curving lines. There is also a bit of a challenge marking that wild fabric.

Finally I decided to draft some linked hearts. I cut a plastic stencil and I am now on the second side.
The disappearing ink is hard to use when it is so humid, but I can follow one line to the end of the thread and then stitch the second line, marking just a few hearts as I go along.

This takes me way back to when I was a kid, made to take a nap on my parent's bed (my twin got the bunk bed). I still remember following the quilting lines with my finger. This one would have been a winner, maybe seeing how many times I could circle the border before I was allowed to get up.

We have a bit of sun today with a lot of heat but more rain is predicted from tomorrow throughout most of next week. I have to keep moving so I don't rust and this is a great way to do it.


  1. Please keep in motion, I do not want to read of rust in your bones!!! Love the hearts for the border, perfect.

  2. HI Julie, What a perfect border pattern ! It's adorable, especially with the brightly colored fabric. It's a lot cuter than feathers. You're right, feathers would be too busy.
    I know we are all trying not to wilt (or rust) in the humidity. It's turning out to be a hot summer. Take care, with many blessings, from Marina and Daryl Lynn

  3. Love your linked hearts - and your "I have to keep moving so I don't rust" - that made me laugh - ;))

  4. That would be a hard border to mark. You've done great.

  5. You are so resourceful and the linked hearts are fine. Yes... it's been so rainy. I read somewhere that we had 18 straight days with no sun. Being from New England that must have felt sort of normal for me because I didn't really notice. I don't mind the rainy season and prefer it to the heat and humidity! Stay cool!