Thursday, July 15, 2021

Next on the list

Now that I have a bit of floor space, I decided to lay out the anniversary quilt.
On our church's 140th anniversary, I took these white strips and a sign pen to collect signatures.
I don't remember why I made some 1x4 and some 2x4.
My original thought was assembling some kind of a white trellis  with vines and flowers behind.
I was thinking of a theme... "150 Years and Still Growing"
Next year will be that anniversary, so it is about time I get this thing underway.

After making a number of random floral blocks, I noticed a similar idea on another blog with more coordinated colors in the pieced blocks.  I thought that might be a bit better and now I seem to have enough of those and I am glad I made the change. No doubt I will find another purpose for the other pieced ones. 

Most of the smaller strips are  just signed, but the larger ones have a message as well.   I decided that, on  a banner, it would be easier to read those wide ones if they were closer to the bottom border. This is the layout I came up with. the center strip will be some shade of plain blue with flowers and vines and words added.

Next task will be cutting a few more half-square triangles and going through my floral one-inch squares for the upper half layout.    I need to cut a few more inch-wide strips to balance the upper half, and I am thinking adding strips to the border for more to sign on the anniversary celebration day. 

For now, I am looking forward to the day I can begin sewing these rows together,     I have yet to sort through my solids, hoping to find a large enough strip of light blue for the center.  Time to get back to work!                           


  1. Looks like this one is going to keep you busy for quite a while. Good luck.

  2. I like the colors and the layout. It does look like a big project.

  3. This will be a real beauty, and signatures and messages, that will be the icing!!!

  4. Good idea with the message blocks in a position where they are easy to read.
    The gradation of the floral blocks is very beautiful.
    You put so much thought, and work, into every quilt you make, Julie.

  5. This is one of my favorites - I love the layout you have planned - and the flow of colors is beautiful. The signatures and messages will make it even more special - ;))

  6. Nice layout. You'll have that pieced quickly, I'm sure.

  7. That is a lot of work and I know you are going to make a beautiful quilt with them.


  8. OOh. This is going to be wonderful! I love the way the colors move.