Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Another Banner

Today I added the hanging sleeve and took this banner to the park for a photo opp. Not too easy getting a good picture in the wind blowing through the fence.

 This is the 13th banner over the years, and I am finding it harder each year to work with a committee, especially a committee that wants some "feel good" sentiment. We have added lots of new people to our congregation, and feeling welcome is important, but getting involved is much more what I would like to see. Most of the suggestions were themes we have done over and  over. Why bother making a new banner?

"Where will you fit? was rejected because it might hurt someone's feelings. Really?

After spending a good part of what might have been my dinner time, and with the help of my daughter, I got the EMS postal form filled out and printed up to send the labyrinth to Boston.Today I walked all the way to the big PO and waited in line, only to have my form rejected. It was in a B4 brown envelope, but not paper, as the computer choice expected. A complete waste of an hour and a half, not to mention getting the form filled out and printed. There is no choice for "quilted fabric or wall hanging"

The anniversary banner went to church last Friday, and was hung on Sunday, gathering a few more signatures. I added vines with leaves that could be signed in the empty spaces, but have no idea how many more signatures it might collect. October 1st and 2nd are the "big" days, so I will know soon.


  1. Working with committees does get more difficult as the time passes, I think, especially when you've been involved longer than anyone else!

  2. Nice finish! I understand the mailing issue! I haven’t mailed a package to the US since this regulation started.

  3. VERY nice!! I agree with you about committees - ;))

  4. Hi Julie
    I get so frustrated when I have to send a parcel overseas. The rules are ridiculous and complicated.
    On the other hand you have excelled again in making a clever quilt. Where will you fit in illustrated by pieces of jigsaw puzzles.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. It seems that all of us living in Japan have the same frustrations with the Japanese postal system. It is really bad for the health! The blood pressure rises and the frustrations make it dangerous for anyone to cross my path for a couple of hours!!!

  6. Mailing things from Japan was absolutely maddening. I did find that the post office up in Midtown (I forget which floor) were really helpful. They probably see a higher number of foreigners. You continue to be such a blessing to your church family!