Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quilting tomorrow

Tomorrow my quilt group meets here. Time to make a dessert and de-dog-hair the house.

At least I have a project to work on. The quilted leaves in each diamond are rather labor intensive but I like the result.


  1. Beautiful work. I have enjoyed looking at your blog. I like the background "quilt", too!

  2. It's worth all the work, the quilting enhances the gorgeous piecing, what a beautiful piece of work, have a great day with your quilt group.

  3. I sure do like the effect of the leaves .... beautiful! Lovely hand quilting and your backing is so different!

  4. Konnichiwa Julie! I've lived in Tokyo just over 4 years & am self-taught in sewing (& everything else). You have a quilt group - how truly wonderful ! Warm wishes to you from over here in Setagaya !

  5. Hi Julie... It's about time I came visiting isn't it! I loved the towel backing you've put on that one quilt. What a great idea... I've got a bunch of those towels too!

    And by the way, I read your profile and was interested to see that you graduated from Wooster. My mother (88) graduated from Wooster and all my life I was told I really should consider Wooster (I ended up in Oregon) and when my daughter who went to high school in Powell, Ohio (near Columbus) was thinking of colleges, Grandma started in again. Leiya (daughter) is going to Bowling Green in Ohio now.

    Just thought that connection was interesting. And you beat me coming to Japan in 1963! I came in 1977 and I thought I was an old timer!

  6. Your quilting is incredible. So small and so even. This quilt is VERY special.

  7. the quilting is just sooooo beautiful
    I love the colors/fabrics you used as well.
    oh the leaves are just amazing, can't wait to see more
    thanks for commenting on my blog I am happy to visit yours!
    we have a lot in common

  8. Your quilting is fantastic! Just gorgeous.