Monday, September 27, 2010

Quilt is basted!

Only six hours crawling around on the floor but I am so happy I had a space just big enough. I use thinsulate from a roll so it had to be pieced. I have heard that 3m makes thinsulate bats and that would be nice but they are not sold here as far as I have seen.
This was a good activity for a gray rainy day. Nothing but the drip drip of the rain and the snip of the scissors and the click of the threader. I began to think about a large quilt my daughter had brought to a family reunion, spread on the cabin floor, and all the cousins, aunts, sisters gathered around to make short work of the project. How I could have used the hands and company. I did remember that at that time someone had brought some spoons to help catch the needle. The more I thought about it and felt my own fingers getting a bit sore, I had to stop my work and go to the kitchen for a small shallow spoon. Could have used it sooner.
I had worried about the lone star lying flat but that was not a problem. The bear paws, however, seemed to be asking for more than their fair share of space and then I spotted several of those pesky bears were out of place! I am not going to un-sew them so they will just have to stay where they are.
I doubt this quilt is any longer a thing to take with me to quilt meetings. It is way too big and bulky now that it is together. Time has come to get two other date-related projects going. The quilting will happen on cold winter days at home. As a result of blog-hopping, I saw a lone star quilted by machine with leaf shapes in the diamonds. I am working by hand but I think I will try to get that effect. Thanks for the ideas out there. Keep 'em comming!

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