Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vines and leaves have been added and the top is finished! I have been giving the backing some thought. My friend gives English commentary for Kabuki ear-phone-guide. Her husband comes from a samurai family. I have decided to use traditional tenugui and piece them together .
I have collected some Kabuki ones and some of the traditional family crests. I know I have a few of the designs that suggest long life and happiness.
Today was not the day to hunt through my collection as I was awakened in the wee hours with a call to teach, going in for a teacher who was out for the day. What fun to spend a whole day with kids and although the weather in Tokyo is still quite hot there was a nice breeze blowing through the downtown area. Tomorrow is a holiday ... autumnal equinox ... and a good day to begin the challenge of reverse-side planning.


  1. Wow it really is beautiful - and by zooming in I can see how you have the signatures of guests on the leaves. Now I wait to see your choice of backing!!

    I must work more and stalk less :)


  2. What a gorgeous quilt. I wonder if your friend will realise how many hours of work and thought went into its making. It is truly a masterpiece.