Friday, November 26, 2010

Yokohama quilt week

Yokohama Quilt Week
I am not sure why this is called "Quilt Week" when it only lasts 4 days but often when Japanese use foriegn words, the meaning changes a bit too.
This huge hanging greeted the viewers as they entered. Why does it say "Kobe" ? Your guess. I was really in Yokohama.

Many of the displays did not allow pictures. If you wanted pictures, they were selling a magazine with those quilts beautifully photographed. That is the common way of doing things in Japan.

At least a third of the room was crammed with venders. The walking space between was barely passable. One thing I should have remembered from last year is the place was HOT. Whatever you are wearing down to the last layer, you will have to carry. I'll bet the energy used to heat that place beyond necessary would keep my house comfortable for years!

This "Mini mini quilt house challenge" event was interesting. The three fabrics posted on the sign were to be used in making the house block. 648 people submitted blocks so this is only a small portion. The size was barely bigger than a potholder.

These were a few of the quilts that allowed photos and caught my eye. All three were hand made and hand quilted. Fumiko Kitamura made the lovely Baltimore Album quilt.

Izumi Ishihara created these trees and snowflakes.

This lace and flower was made by Mika Yamakawa. I am not familiar with these quilters but their work was certainly inspiring.

The venders had lots of goodies for sale. I was rather glad that because of my poverty I was not tempted to buy anything. I drooled over fabrics and left them for others to purchase.
In all, it was worth the long trip and tired feet. Certainly I will post a note on next years calendar to dress lightly!


  1. Japanese quilters are the most sensational quilters of all. Their attention to detail is legendary. Surely, that is a cultural thing. Thanks for what you have shown and I hope there are more photos for us , Julie.

  2. Beautiful quilts! Stunning handwork.
    The small house challenge blocks look great, too!
    Thank you for the photos.

  3. Thank you sharing these beautiful quilts - and braving the heat and squeeze for us! I love the attention to detail and the marvellous palettes used by Japanese quiters, beautiful.

  4. Thanks for sharing the pictures. The quilts are stunning.

  5. OMG, how beautiful these are. thanks so much for sharing these pictures. They are works of art

  6. I was there too Julie, hours after I returned from our look-see trip. As usual beautiful quilts as expected. And I bought that souvenir book & a couple of souvenirs pins & a scary amount of gorgeous fabrics! Happy Advent ! And I saw Keiko Goke whom we had met at the last Tokyo Quilt Fest.