Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Help on a new project

Last year I made a banner for the Womens' Conference at Amagi Sanso. The theme was "stories" so I made a hanging banner using Bible blocks with a stained glass picture in the center. The title of each block is quilted into the sashing below the block and the reverse side of each block has the quote from the Bible to go with it. It brings to mind a favorite hymn from my childhood, "I love to tell the story."
This coming year's theme is "Healing".
One of the people attending from year to year is a woman who plays her harp for hospice patients and for the past few years she has asked me to make a hanging of David and his harp.
With that in mind, I pulled out some fabric of the Psalms that I had
aquired many years ago and a plan is beginning to form. I think it would be nice to make this banner as a pair to the last one. I want to put a picture of David and his harp surrounded by sheep in the center pannel. Then I want to include the print fabric in some kind of a block around the inner border.
Now I am looking for ideas. The fabric text is a strip 3x9 inches. There are ten of these so I will need ten 12 inch blocks. The label is 2x18 inches so I would make a 26x12 block for that and a matching block for the top section. I'm thinking some kind of star might be nice. Since I do everything by hand, I want something that isn't too fussy. I have a little over six weeks for this project. At this point, I am open for ideas. The script can be either straight across or at an angle .
There has got to be a block pattern out there somewhere. that would meet the need.


  1. Oh, Julie, this is such a work of art ! I'm in awe, really, and I just can't help coming back to your pictures... Unfortunately I can't help you, my friend, but I do hope you'll get some hints from other friends...
    Personnaly, I have always dreamed of making a "Lord is my Shepherd" quilt, yet I still don't know how to start such a quilt.
    In friendship,

  2. Julie have you seen this website? http://www.patternsfromhistory.com/bible_quilt/bible_bom.htm There are many patterns here that you might want to look at and choose from! blessings, marlene

  3. Your quilt is really beautiful! The details are amazing. Well done!

  4. I don't know words that can adequately describe the beauty of your quilt. It is a masterpiece. I'm sure the companion piece will be just as beautiful. But, wow! Only 6 weeks to accomplish it, and if memory serves me correctly, you work by hand. Maybe Googleing Bible quilt blocks would lead you to what you're looking for? May God bless your efforts.

  5. That's a beautiful quilt - I recognise the titles of some of the blocks.It must have taken many hours of sewing and contemplation.
    How wonderful to have psalm fabric to hand.
    Mary In Canterbury UK aka Quayquilter

  6. This quilt is stunning. I love the center and it brings joy to my heart. You've given me some inspiration for another quilt as I've wanted something like this for a long time.